By: Malcolm Gladwell

The Motto

Its not enough to know what successful people are like, only by asking where they are from do we truly understand how they became successful. To true be successful at something you must first master it, and in order to do that you must but 10,000 hours into that thing,

The Outliers


Q:What is an Outlier?

A: People who do not fit into our normal understanding of sucess

Q:How do i become one

A: There is no sure fire way to becoming an outlier, you just have to blaze your own trail

Testimonial By:Shawn Thompson

Before i read this book i didnt feel special i felt no different from anyone else. but after i read this novel i realized that no one is born an outlier they have to be made. It takes hard work but once you reach the top, once youhave become the best you can be you will have truely reached the top