Team Wolf Creek

Creating Leaders Every Day

Wolf Creek Teachers

Loni Clifford (P.E.)

My name is Loni Clifford. I have been teaching PE for the last 18 years. This will be my 6th year at Sierra Middle School. I will be coaching cross country and track this year. I am looking forward to a great year!

Mary Fitts (Science)

My name is Mary Fitts and I teach life science. I am married to Bruce, a retired math teacher, and we have two kids, Patrick and Kylie. I love teaching science and look forward to a great school year!

Brian Hunt (Social Studies)

My name is Brian Hunt and this is my third year at Sierra Middle School. I recently graduated from Colorado State University (Go Rams!) I coach various sports from cross country to basketball here at Sierra. I I am very proud to call myself a Sierra Eagle!

Laurie Machado (Math)

I am beginning my 15th year as a teacher and my third year at Sierra Middle School. I received my BS from California State University Fullerton and my MA from Gonzaga University. My husband and I have two sons, Carter (10th grade) and Joseph (8th grade). We are looking forward to a great year with your students.

Hays Padrnos (Health):

My name is Hays Padrnos. I began this school year as a long term substitute but am happy that I get to finish out the semester with this great group of seventh graders on Wolf Creek. I was one of those lucky people who knew what I wanted to do for a career since I was in first grade. I have been in education all my life and have been a classroom teacher for 12 years. I have three daughters who keep me busy! I have a sophomore at Chaparral, an eighth grader at Sierra and a fourth grader at Pine Grove Elementary.

Cami Smith (Language Arts)

Hello! My name is Cami Smith and this is my second year at Sierra Middle School and my first year on team Wolf Creek. I count myself very lucky, because everyday I get to live my dreams by passing on my passion for reading and writing while watching students learn and grow. I am looking forward to another great year!

October/November Highlights

Penny Harvest

Team Wolf Creek dominated the Penny Harvest donating the most money and pennies to the cause. We as teachers may have bribed the students a little bit (Mr. Hunt dressing up as Captain America), but our kids still show each and every day how awesome and caring they are! With the help of Wolf Creek and all the teams at Sierra, the Penny Harvest received over $1600 in donation money. This year has been extremely special to us as teachers and knowing that we have such great kids on this team with such big hearts has made it that much more special. Keep up the great work Wolf Creek!

Alice and Wonderland Play

Sierra Middle School put on a spectacular show for us in their most recent play, Alice and Wonderland. Team Wolf Creek had lots of participants within the play and they all show not only their extreme creativity, but also their courage to perform in front of such lards crowds under the bright lights. Great job Wolf Creek Students!!
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Spirit Week/ Spirit Days (10/26 - 10/30)

Students and staff did an amazing job of showing their true Sierra pride by dressing up throughout the week. It is great to see all the students show their pride and honor about their hometown school! Way to go Wolf Creek!

Flag Football Champions

This year was the first year in the history of Douglas County to have a flag football championship. After a hard fought year, Sierra was able to make it to the championship game where they would play there rival Cimarron. The game went back and forth, but with a late touchdown Sierra was able to pull out the victory! Great job to all the Wolf Creek Students on the team!
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Health Class (1st Semester)

We have been busy in Health this quarter! We began with a unit focussing on Mental and Emotional Health. This included lessons on self-esteem, self-concept and body image. We learned about stress and what causes distress in our lives and how to cope with stress. We also learned that some stress can be motivating for us and that is called Eustress. Eustress is the stress your body feels when you are in a tie soccer game with 30 seconds left, when you are waiting in line for a roller coaster or when you study for a big test and do well. Our next topic in this unit centered on eating disorders. Students learned that anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders stem from lack of self-esteem and body image. We then moved on to focussing on Social Health as we explored healthy relationships. We discussed relationships with parents, siblings and friends. We discussed ways to end relationships with friends that are not positive influences in our lives. We also explored peer pressure. Peer pressure is most often associated with negative pressure. We learned that there is positive peer pressure which pressures us to do the right thing and which exists when we are part of a team or club. Positive peer pressure shows up when 5 students are working on a group project and the group pressures each other to stay on task and do their best work. Finally, we moved on to Physical Health and have been working hard on two programs centering on Nutrition. We will finish the nutrition unit when we return from Thanksgiving break and begin our puberty and gateway drug units. I am THANKFUL that I have gotten to teach so many important life skills to your seventh graders!

Language Arts

Second quarter has been spent honing in on various survival skills, like learning how to actually survive in the wild and survive middle school. To polish these skills the students each read a survival novel of their choice. The different options were,Unbroken, Transall Saga, Hatchet, Jurassic Park, The Raft, and The Maze Runner. The students collaborated with their literature circle groups each week to discuss and better understand their novels. Along with reading, we have been working on informative writing. In class we went over how to write complex topic sentences, evidence, explanations, and conclusions. We will use the information we learned about survival and informative writing to complete our final project when we come back from the break, which is to create a “survival” product for other middle school students. It has been exciting to watch students dive into survival and their novels this quarter, and I am looking forward to all of the great projects they will create!


Coming Soon!


We have started the unit on heredity and Wolf Creek students are mastering the use of Punnett squares to learn how specific traits are passed from parent to offspring. After winter break, we will learn how these traits make organisms better suited for survival in our next unit on adaptations and ecosystems.

Social Studies

In social studies we are beginning the design thinking process. Students are looking at various issues around the world and looking at the best way to solve them. Students have learned about government, economic, and cultural systems and are currently working on tying them into their issue. It has been a very cool experience working with the students on this project and seeing all their interesting ideas on how to solve them. We are going to continue to work on this project and will be marketing their projects to teachers within the building and outside community members.

Awards for our students

Eagle Awards

These students exemplified excellence in behavior, academics, and are supportive and cooperative with their peers. We want to congratulate the following students with this great achievement.