The i4 Teacher Newsletter

"May The Google Be With You." - Obi Wan Chromnobi

Diving Deep with Blended Learning

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 7:45am-3pm


Calling all i4 innovators! We would like to remind you that the Ed Tech Department will offering an optional i4 Tech Training on Wednesday, November 18th for any i4 teachers interested. We are planning a day of working together to share our experiences around technology and innovative practices. We will look deeply at how to practically balance traditional and technology-enhanced practices by looking at some research, exploring some new technology tools, and collaborating to solve common issues.

To sign up, please click on the link and complete the short Google Form. Due to space limitations in the TLX, there will be a maximum of 40 teachers for this first training (sign up early); we will be offering another one later in the school year. The goal of the training is to have professional development in the morning and collaboration/support time in the afternoon. Sign-up Below!

Google Expeditions

Students got a chance to try out the new Google Expeditions, going on a virtual tour of a place they are studying in class. The project is part of Google's try to get students to see more place that are impossible to go to from their classroom, unless they have a magic bus of some sort. The excitement was palpable, as students looked up, down, and all around, seeing visions of pyramids, sharks, and Machu Picchu.

Five Game Resources To Check Out

Have you been looking for more game-based activities for your playlists? Here are three amazing sites that will keep your students excited about whatever subject your teaching.

Game Up! - Brainpop has partnered with a number of educational institutions to let students play games for free. The games are divided up by subject.

Splash Math - Are you a K-5 teacher? Here are a number of Common Core Math games, separated by math topic. You won't get any feedback yourself, but the games are free to play for the students.

Mission-US - If you're teaching Social Studies, you'll love these games that teach students about various important events in American history.

ABCYa Games - Another K-5 tool, that has games for every grade in every subject.

CodeCombat - Code Combat is a game-based environment where students are introduced to the concepts of programming. Though there is a pay feature, students can still play hundreds of levels teaching the same concepts for free. Great alternative playlist activity for Math or Science.

APP SMASH!! - Using YouTube Videos with EdPuzzle

So you want to get started on Youtube, but how do you get past all those silly videos? Above this box, you'll see a video from the very awesome, and very successful Crash Course for Kids channel. These videos are fun, funny, expertly crafted, and make amazing playlist activities. If your kids are a bit older, you can always check out the regular Crash Course channel.

Of course, you can even take it one step further, and APP SMASH any video with EdPuzzle. EdPuzzle takes your Youtube video, let's you start and end that video where you want easily, and add questions inside of the video, and then you get those results! Get started with EdPuzzle now!

Outtakes 02: Crash Course Kids