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Of late, India has acquired a global reputation for developing a high end healthcare hub, wherein both domestic and global patients have the access world class hospitals and tops surgeons for different medical ailments at affordable prices. One can find an array of top Hospital in India all across the country, which are backed up with highly trained doctors and medical staff to help and support the patients get the tailor made solutions. Let’s check the list of top 10 hospitals of India under best surgeons as under:

  • Lilavati Hospital :

This top hospital in India came into existence in the late seventies and known for having the best medical infrastructure. It is abreast with state of art facilities and has trained medical staff and country’s finest infrastructure. One of the top Surgeons in India are employed in it who all is known to give one of the best services and medical emergencies.

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) :

AIIMS came into existence in 1956, which is known to have one of the best surgeons in India. It caters a wide range of medical services for invariably every medical ailment. Also, known as the best hospital cum learning centre wherein students graduate and do PG in medicine and surgery. It is backed with one of the best facilities, which attracts patients far and wide for a number of medical ailments.

  • Tata Memorial Hospital :

This top hospital in India is more known for giving high quality cancer treatment solutions apart from a slew of other treatments in the country. It is among the most affordable and competitive hospitals in India, which is known to cater some of the best treatment options.

  • Fortis Hospital :

It is a popular brand in healthcare in India making it a top hospital in India. It has one of the best and experienced surgeons in India giving world class healthcare solutions. With its high quality service, Fortis is known for its high end hygiene, health and good care. Having one of the best staff, highly competitive management, this hospital has loads to offer for different medical ailment services.

  • National Institute of Medical Health & Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) :

This top hospital in India is based in Bangalore and also a Deemed University, which is a hub for higher medical studies and research. It has one of the best surgeons in India of different specializations catering some of the best solutions for a wide range of services including mental health, neurosciences and other services. It is known for lunatic asylum with great facilities.

  • Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre :

This top hospital in India is known for multi speciality medical services in this country. It has one of the best surgeons and internationally recognised doctors and medical consultants of all the major specialization. It is backed by cutting edge equipments and state of art facilities, which attract good amount of domestic and global patients from all parts of the world.

  • Medanta Hospital :

It is also known as Medanta The Medicity, which is based in Gurgaon giving one of the best medical services to hordes of patients. This top hospital in India is known for its multi speciality known for catering world class facilities in 20 different specialities departments and divisions.

  • Artemis Health Institute :

This top hospital in India has its based in Gurgaon, which is accredited by NABH giving one of the best medical services. This hospital gives one of the best solutions for Oncology, Cardiovascular care, orthopaedic, weight loss, neuroscience and other wide range of medical services. Needless to say, that it has one of the best surgeons in India that are known for high end services.

  • Manipal Hospitals :

It is among the pioneer hospitals in India, which is a home for both the best treatment and learning temple. It is based in Bangalore and has a NABH accreditation known for catering the top ten specializations, which include all the major and dreaded medical ailments. It is equipped with one of the best medical infrastructure, which gives simply the best solutions on earth.

  • Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre :

It is among the top hospital in India, which is known for a full fledge multi speciality medical centre having highly competitive infrastructure backed with trained and skilled doctors of different specializations.

Conclusion :

Picking correct hospital for your treatment can have a significant impact on the number of recovery following your own surgery in The India. Hospitals of India have already created a market for themselves inside the surgery world, exploring and holding new horizons in the field of treatment and health care industry.

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