Telehealth Certification Institute

Telemental health training

Using internet to provide quality consultation services to clients across the world

Consulting and assisting online through modern techniques, Telemental health training offers various courses and guidelines through which you can stay ahead in the competition and serve those who are in need via video consultation on the internet.

With the advancement of technology, it is now possible for councilors to offer health and consultation services to their clients. The Telemental health Training institute offers online training through free webinars and if you are a registered Telemental health training expert you can host live webinar training for those aspiring to become health specialists.

Telehealth Certification institute offers specialized programs for interested people who want to improve their knowledge and understand their laws and guidelines regarding offering online Tele health consultation services to their clients, our courses are specially designed to cover all about online consulting and helping those that are in need.

As Tele-health differs from normal face to face sessions, it is very important for both the councilor as well as the patient to understand. The councilor has to understand and study both the voice and face patterns of their patient, This type of health consultation has its own perks and merits mostly with the fact that they allow the councilors to help and assist people that live too far away, it saves driving costs and it helps with the elderly who cannot travel far away.

Online Training sessions are held on the website to improve understanding and inform the councilors about the current laws and newer practices in the trend. Live training sessions help people understand better about the courses that we provide and unlike video recordings, in these sessions people can actually ask questions from the trainer thus clearing their doubts about anything they might not have grasped during the training sessions.

Telehealth Certification Institute

It is the mission of Telehealth Certification Institute, LLC, to create professionalism throughout the Telehealth industry.

The training program to become a Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC) fully prepares licensed counselors (LPC, LMHC, LMFT, LCSW, Psychologists, and Psychoanalysts) for practicing Telemental Health Counseling.