4C News

Friday, May 31st, 2019


This week, all the students took the "hands-on" portion of the NYS Science Test. One more part to go! In Friday Folders you'll find your child's practice written test. They completed the 2018 test for practice. Please look through both parts. One part consists of 30 multiple choice questions and the other part is made up of 15 short answer questions.

On Monday morning, the kids will take the written portion. It's not timed and is a paper pencil test! Kids should come prepared with gum and full belly from a hearty breakfast!

Things I've loved from this week and last week.....

  • kids said goodbye to me and told me to enjoy my afternoon.
  • I saw kids smiling and enjoying their time at Genesee Country Museum.
  • kids chose to eat lunch together on the field trip.
  • when students were looking forward to the writing benchmark!
  • kids helping other kids clean up messes.


Mrs. Close's Class ~ A separate message coming soon with Bridge pictures! We are just about halfway through Module 6. I believe the kids finally have a hold of tenths and hundredths. We took so many weeks "off" with state testing, placement testing, and the bridge project that we were all out of sorts! Don't forget about Exit Ticket corrections!

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ This week we began module 6 which is our decimal module. The class learned about the relationship between fractions and decimals. They also learned how to write numbers to the tenth place. Next week the class will be working with hundredths. The lessons then move on to decimal comparisons and adding and subtracting decimal numbers. We will only be working with tenths and hundredths. This is our last module of 4th grade!

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We continue to move through module 5. The kids are working hard to stay focused, as this is a very long module, not to mention we have had a few interruptions due to state testing. We have been working on comparing and ordering mixed numbers, converting mixed numbers to fractions greater than one, converting fractions greater than one to mixed numbers, and yesterday we used data tables to create line plots using mixed numbers and fractions greater than one. My hope is that by the end of next week we will be finishing up the module and test at the beginning of the following week. We will then move on to a module on decimals which should take us to the end of the year.

ELA & Social Studies

Picture Book Friday ~ Sawyer entertained us last Friday with some farm animals who could type! We have two readers scheduled for the coming week. Tyler is reading to us on Thursday and Landon is scheduled for Friday!

PAWS ~ We're still working, just at a slower pace. I think the kids really like the new "grading" procedure. Many are very motivated to make it to the advanced column.

Read Aloud ~ I can't believe it has taken me this many years to read Holes. It has been a great book. We are all busy making connections and trying to put the pieces together. The kids have loved some of the decisions that some characters have made and also been disappointed. We should finish up really soon. Then, we'll have to watch the movie!

Big picture

Erie Canal Trip ~ Tuesday, June 11th

The buses will arrive at Aqueduct Park (555 West Main St., Palmyra) around 9:30. We'll unload the buses and watch how the lock works. The guide will then lead us through a path. It's about a 2 mile walk, so kids should be prepared with sneakers. The path will take us all the way to Market Street. At that point, we'll probably have lunch at the pavilion. The kids will be thirsty and need bathroom breaks. Then, we'll tour the museums. We're lucky to be going alone without another class. We'll have more space in the small buildings.

We'll load buses between 1:15 and 1:30 to head back to school. This is where things get a little tricky for our parent chaperones. They have three options.....they can walk back to their vehicles at Aqueduct Park, communicate with another parent who is going and drop one vehicle off at Market Street before beginning the trip at Aqueduct Park, or Bonnie Hayes, the director of the museums, will give rides back to the park.

Here are some expectations that I will review with the kids prior to the trip. It would be great if you could also give reminders at home.

  • We always stay behind the guides on the trail. We need to be prepared to listen along the way too.
  • Always stay on the trail. There is poison ivy off the trail.
  • There won't be an opportunity to run during this trip.
  • Please don't ask the museum docents for a drink.

Onanda Park Trip

Permission slips for the Onanda Park trip are in Friday Folders. More to come as we get closer to June 24th!


Kids will need instruments on Wednesday only! They lucked out with lessons and ensembles falling on the same day.

Wood Library

Mrs. Ferris stopped in today to excite the kids about the summer programs taking place at the Wood Library! Please double check the blue flyer for many exciting opportunities!

Important Dates

June 3 - Written Portion of the Science Test

June 11 - Erie Canal Trip

June 24 - Onanda Trip - more details coming as we get closer

June 25 - Half-Day for Kids

June 26 - Half-Day for Kids & Last Day of School