The Cure Panel Talk Show

with Dr. Kamran Fallahpour, Director, Brain Resource Center

The Cure Panel Talk Show on 14 MAY, 2013 @ 7 pm EST

We are honored to host Dr. Kamran Fallahpour on the first Cure Panel Talk Show on Mental Health this May.

Dr. Fallahpour is a Clinical Psychologist and the director of the Brain Resource Center, New York. His clinical practice and research activities are focused on health psychology,applied neuroscience and computer-human interface. Dr. Fallahpour has years of experience in assessment and treatment of various psychological and neuropsychological conditions that have their roots in the brain, the psyche, and physiology. Applying the latest findings from research in health psychology, and neuroscience, he has brought together the latest and most effective tools and techniques for a personalized, objective, and integrated approach to assessment and treatment of psychological and neuropsychological disorders. Dr. Fallahpour's current research includes participation in international trials identifying biomarkers in depression and ADHD, as well as, helping develop one of the largest databases of brain, cognitive, and genomic data across mental disorders.

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Cure Panel Co- Host: Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers grew up in Sunnyvale, California and was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 2002. She has an M.A. in Urban & Environmental Policy from Tufts University, a B.A. in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz, and spent two years as an Environmental Education Volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. She is currently working on her memoir titled Never Give Up: Buddhism, Family & Schizoaffective Disorder. She also enjoys photography, writing children's stories, Buddhist chanting, and exercise. She makes every effort to enjoy life, encourage other people, and share her story.

Erin King Reitz

Erin King Reitz was born and raised in Omaha, NE. She has a dual diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder II and Borderline Personality Disorder and has been in treatment for the last 8 years. Erin has a BS in Library Science and an MA in Teaching and Learning with Technology. She is currently working on a second MA in English. When she’s not busy with school, she’s either blogging about her mental health or knitting.

Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson is a mental health advocate who lives with Schizoaffective Disorder and OCD. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the National Alliance on Mental Illness Pinellas County, FL affiliate. She does public speaking and is part of the Crisis Intervention Team trainings for law enforcement officers in Pinellas two times per year. She writes a blog about her experience living with this illness, to provide coping tips and hope to others, at It is called Suicidal No More: Choosing to Live with Schizoaffective Disorder. She plans on writing a book about her life with this illness in the future. Jennifer is working on a Bachelor's Degree in social work and political science.

Cure Panel Talk Show on Mental Health @ 7pm EST

Tuesday, May 14th 2013 at 7pm

This is an online event.

Dr. Fallahpour will speak on the topic 'Latest Treatments Under Research For Mental Health Disorders'.

Callers may be given the opportunity to ask the panel questions on mental health disorders live on the show. However, questions pertaining to specific personal conditions are not encouraged.

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The Cure Panel Talk Show Format

  • 7.00 pm - Conference call starts.
  • 7.00 pm - Moderator welcomes and introduces co-host, and panelists.
  • 7.01 pm - Co-host introduces the expert and panelists.
  • 7.02 pm - Expert speaks on the topic.
  • 7.17 pm - Panelists begin discussion.
  • 7.45 pm - Discussion is opened up for listeners.
  • 7:59 pm - Moderator thanks co-host, panelists, and participants.
  • 8.00 pm - Call comes to an end.

About Cure Panel Talk Show

Cure Panel is organized by CureTalk, a blog dedicated to discussing the future of medicine and the latest treatments under development. Cure Panel Talk Show is a series of monthly conference calls that will feature leading medical experts in conversation with patients/bloggers/researchers/health consumers. The panel will discuss latest cures under development of a given condition like Myeloma, Prostate Cancer.

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