This Week in Room 120

Week of February 17, 2014


Just a reminder--Conferences will be held on Thursday, February 20th & Tuesday, February 25th.

Reader's Workshop

We will be continuing our study of Persuasive texts. We will be looking at

  • bias-what it is and what it does in a persuasive text
  • fact versus opinion
  • keeping an open mind when reading about new ideas
  • pros and cons

Writer's Workshop

We were not able to complete our informational writing pieces last week. We will finish them up by the end of this week!

Word Study

This week we will be studying words that have the vowel combination -ou, which makes different sounds:

  • flounder
  • ghoul
  • bulbous


This week Group 1 will be working with division. We will be reviewing how to divide whole numbers and then will learn how to divide with decimals.

This week Group 2 will be finishing their work with conversions within the Metric and US Customary systems.