Athletic Roundup

Athletic Events This Week!

Activities This Week:

Congratulations to Remington Harris for breaking the Bighorn Basin Conference Pole Vault Record with a jump of 8'6"!

High School Track

Friday and Saturday May 12th and 13th - HS Track Regionals in Shoshone

Congrats to Maylee Potas for finishing up her indoor track season!

Maylee was a part of the Cody Fillies indoor track team this year, they were able to win state this year. Our combined school agreement with Cody allows many additional opportunities for our athletes throughout the year. Maylee competed in pole vault.
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Congrats to Larissa and Kaylin on Marching Band!

Larissa and Kaylin were able to go play at the State Basketball games and play while the Cody Fillies brought home a State Championship!

Kinser Jass Festival!

Another great Kinser Jazz in the books! What a fulfilling two days, we learned so much. Everyone is so kind, and I love that we have fans! These Longhorns are so awesome, and I’m so proud to share the stage with them! This year we did three tunes and had seven students, that’s good growth for us. The sad news is, three of them are seniors, luckily three of them are freshmen.
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Current Coaching Positions Needed!

Please spread the word, we have a very high need for sports coaches, especially at the elementary level

  • Middle School Head Track Starting in March 2023
  • Middle School Head Football Starting in August 2023
  • Middle School Assistant Volleyball Starting in August 2023
  • Middle School Assistant Girls Basketball Starting in October 2023
  • Middle School Head Boys Basketball Starting in January 2024

Throwers Camp Opportunity!

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Kids Heart Challenge!!!

Kids Heart Challenge is coming soon! Meeteetse School is joining forces with the American Heart Association by participating in KIDS HEART CHALLENGE (KHC). Students will be excited to “Slay the dragon of heart disease and stroke!” with our team of Heart Hero dragons and by participating in KHC they are Being the Torch, as they shine their light towards ways our community can be healthier. Also, your family will have the opportunity to learn hands-only CPR through Finn’s Mission!

Bonus Fun!

Our goal is to learn Hands-Only CPR and raise $1500! To help us get there, any student that raises $150 will get to Color Blast Coach Scolari and those that raise $200 will get to Color Blast Principal Schlenker! Don't forget to complete Finn's Missions!

No Need to Wait! Get started early by using the link below to register for Kids Heart Challenge at your school!

1. Visit our school’s Kids Heart Challenge page: http://www2.heart.org/site/TR?fr_id=7560&pg=company&company_id=392451 OR download the Kids Heart Challenge app. How to Register for KHC Video.

2. Students who are registered and have received an online donation by our KHC kickoff on 2/6/2023, will receive a Torch wristband and the earned KHC Heart Heroes.

Want to know more about how participating in Kids Heart Challenge can have an impact? Watch the video’s below on how Extraordinary Kids are helping across the country! If you want to be an Extraordinary KHC Kid see how you can get involved!

Charlies’ Heart Story!

Dr. Taylor shares what its like to be a Cardiologist

Please interact with this amazing opportunity to give feedback! We would LOVE to hear from you

Growing up in the Digital Age

The primary advantage of playing a sport or participating in an after-school activity is the opportunity to meet new people and develop meaningful friendships

Dear Mom and Dad, Cool It

If you are the mother or father of a high school athlete here in Wyoming, this message is primarily for you.

WHSAA and NFHS Officials Recruiting Video