Learning Lab Notes

Week 5- Inquiry and Goal Setting

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Inquiry Workshop

Inquiry Study

Over the past month, we have been experimenting with collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. Now we are transferring those skills to learn about American History.

We began our inquiry study this week by researchinig an important day in American History, September 3. Students were given clues about the day and were set loose to figure out the importance of the day. Inquirers had to do their own research in a short period of time and create a presentation quickly utilitzing critical thinking and creativity.

On Friday, inquiring minds also began studying continental shift, Pangea, and nomadic people.

Students use an iPad tool of their choice to create a presentation about September 3rd.

"Continental Drift Pangea Final" Pangea Plate Tectonics (english version)

Math Workshop

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Investingating New Math Games

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Math Comes Alive

Kimmel Math (5th Grade)- This week, mathematicians studied and practiced strategies for computation (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing). Math partnerships are developing and students are working hard on accuracy. Practicing basic multiplication facts is a goal for developing math fluency. Please have your child practice at home.

Jones Math (6th Grade)- Mathematicians this week learned and practiced scientific notation. Math partners developed a review game in Kahoot for the class to review concepts in Unit 2 such as place value of very large and small numbers, forms of writing numbers (exponential, standard, scientific, number and word), and computation in long multiplication and division. On Friday, partners and trios started investigating ideas for planning math projects.

Kahoot Paige explains a misunderstood prob

Students created their own Kahoot on a concept in Unit 2 for test review.

Bradley explains Tenths using Kahoot
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Aiden, Bradley, and Ezra have ideas about a project on scale.

Reading Workshop

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Readers Evaluate Their Work

A big focus for readers this week was on reflection and evaluating responses. The reader's notebook gives us a window into each reader's thinking about reading. Readers this week turned in a double sided journal as well as a Popplet. Before turning these responses in, we created a scoring guide as a class and even passed notebooks to rank other readers' responses. This type of reflection deepens students' understanding and improvement in making invisible thinking visible to others.
Turn and Talk about Wonder
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Nick shares his thinking aloud (metacognition)

Writing Workshop

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Personal Narratives

Writers this week started trying out seed ideas. A seed idea is a small moment in someone's life that is told in a very detailed, story format. This type of writing really goes into showing the thinking, feelings, and using senses to make the story vivid. Writers studied published student writing, played around with beginnings, wrote drafts and gave other writers ideas for making stories come alive. We are excited to hear more stories next week!

A student exemplar (model example) we studied from a previous 5th grader.

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Community Building

Our deeds are our monuments.

What actions do you show others?

How do you want to be remembered?

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