Asteroids In space!

Asteroids roaming in space

The asteroid belt

The asteroid belt is a belt the separates the solid planet from the gas planets.

The reason why there is a asteroid belt is because when there was a big bang some of the chunks formed planets and some got left over and made the ASTEROID BELT!

COOL VIDEO FROM THE ASTEROID BELT: Beautiful Flyover of the Giant Asteroid Vesta.

You must think asteroids are boring

This year NASA is gonna plan to send a robot ship to grab a asteroid and bring it back to earth to examine if it has anything to use for.So far there still building the robot controlled ship. (↓ down there is the video to explain this)
NASA Announces Asteroid Identification, Capture and Sampling Initiative

Lets land on a asteroid!

We may go land on an astronaut on an asteroid in 2021.It has to be 7 years from now because it cost a lot of money.