The Amur Leopard

What do YOU know about this species?

What is the Amur Leopard?

The Amur Leopard, also known as the Panthera Pardus Orientalis, is a large, wild cat that mainly lives in Northeastern China, Russia, and North Korea, where is was originated.


This leopard, like it is stated above, is a large, wild cat that lives in the Northeast.

The Amur Leopard has a thick coat of spotted fur. The male leopard measures up to 42-45 inches and can weigh over 100 pounds. The female leopard are usually smaller in size, weighing up to about 90 pounds.

Other Facts

The Amur Leopard is scientifically known as the Panthera Pardus Orientalis.

Currently, these leopards are being protected to raise the population. An organization called ATLA is raising money to help protect the leopards.

Since April of 2012, Russia has created a national park that covers 60% of their remaining habitat.

WWF and the head of species, Diane Walkington, has established the Land of the Leopard National Park as a breeding ground the leopards will be using from generation to generation.

I love the fact that many people are helping to repopulate the Amur Leopard population. These are beautiful creatures who deserve another chance at life. I would also love an opportunity to help the leopards as much as I can one day.


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivore

Family: Felidae