Sound of Sun Prairie Newsletter

February 1, 2020

Sound Update

Greetings Sun Prairie Band Families

We had a FANTASTIC Open House recently. However, don't worry if you couldn't make it! The goal of that day was just to introduce the concept of Sound to those who wanted to give it a try.

We are working hard to create an AMAZING schedule of performances for this summer. We have some BIG news to share about this but we are still waiting for things to be confirmed. We CAN share that show development continues to move forward and every effort is being made to make this the BEST season in our rich history.

If you are still on the fence about joining, please take a moment to read the information below. As always we are happy to answer any questions.


Mr. Gleason

What is the Sound of Sun Prairie - A Student's Perspective

What is the Sound of Sun Prairie?

Sound of Sun Prairie is a collaborative group of musicians that work together in order to achieve “the impossible”. Members participate in a physically and mentally challenging activity that produces life long skills. They do this by working together to create an 8 to 10 minute field marching show along with coming together and performing for families and friends as they march down streets during parades. Sound of Sun Prairies is much more than all this though… Members become a family and help push each other to become their best. Members learn that every decision affects others in the group. We learn to work together to achieve something that we could not do alone!

Here is how Sound of Sun Prairie has affected a current member;

“Sound is something that can’t be described in a single paragraph. We, as a family, come together and give each other support through whatever the issue is at hand. Sure our major goal is to put our best show out on the field and give it all we have, but that wouldn’t be possible if the connections you make while working hard weren't there. Sound has taught me teamwork skills, goal setting, and many more life skills that I probably won’t realize until I’m much older. I wouldn’t be who I am today without Sound and I will never forget what it has and continues to give me.”
- Devin Ruplinger

Still Deciding? Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if I don’t play one of the instruments in Sound of Sun Prairie?

A: There is still a place for you! You can get involved with our Front Ensemble or Color Guard. If you would prefer to try a different instrument make sure to consult a band director to figure out which instrument best fits you.

Q: How much of a time commitment is Sound?

A: During the spring we typically practice most Saturdays starting in March. Once the school year is over we start our “full time” commitment meaning we get together every day until mid-July. The summer portion of the season is where we make the most progress and go out and show what we have worked on.

Q: Can I still be involved if I do a spring sport?

A: Absolutely! Communication is key when it comes to other commitments. You will be asked to communicate any absence in advance with Mr. Gleason.

Q: What do I need in order to participate?

A: For the first few rehearsals all that is needed is a water bottle, instrument, and comfortable workout clothing. Staff members will let you know once the season begins what your specific section needs for the rest of the season in order to be successful.

Q: Is Sound worth five weeks of my summer?

A: You will never know if you never come out and give it a try! Members of Sound come back every year because of the relationships they build while having fun playing music. Keep in mind you will still have six more weeks of summer when we finish!

Q: What if I can’t afford to be in Sound?

A: If you want to be involved and are motivated there will always be a way to afford it! There are scholarships and fundraising opportunities available as well as payment plans set in place to help families allow their children to participate.

Q: What if I can’t get to Sound because my parents work during the day?

A: Many students in each section can drive and are more than willing to help provide transportation to members of Sound. Other options include carpooling, riding your bike, and eating at school during meal breaks.

Interested in Color Guard or Percussion?

Guard & Percussion Rehearsals (required if you plan to do this!)

SPHS 12:30-3:30 PM

Feb 9

Feb 23

Drum Major Workshops

SPHS 3:30-5:30 PM

Feb 10

Feb 17

Feb 24

March 2

March 9 (Audition)

What Happens Next?

The Sound of Sun Prairie Kick-Off Event will take place on Tuesday, February 25 from 7-8 PM in the High School. Parents/Guardians will have a mandatory meeting with the directors in the choir room while the students will have a meeting in the band room. Our goal is to provide you with essential information about the season and allow time for questions.

SOSP Registration will take place on Saturday, Feb 29 between 9 am - Noon. Families can "drop-in" when it is convenient to take care of the registration process.

Our first SOSP rehearsal will be the following week on March 7th!

When Does The Sound Season Begin and End?

Sound rehearses as a full group various weekends in March, April, and May. Sound goes "fulltime" June 14 to July 19. The summer schedule is still being created as we are developing tours for the group. However, our rehearsal dates and times up until June 14 are on the SP Band website. Just follow this link and look in the bottom left of the screen at the SOSP Calendar (A hard copy of the SOSP full calendar will be provided at the SOSP Kick Off Event on Feb 25)

Are Scholarships Available?

The Bernie Powers Band Foundation is sponsoring a scholarship that can help defray the cost of Sound!

Marcia Berman Marching Band/Percussion Scholarship: $200
For students in grades 8-12 to participate in The Sound of Sun Prairie or to assist with percussion lessons or summer camp.

For more information, please contact your band director or visit our website at

Applications for all scholarships will be online January 6, 2020.

All applications are due Friday March 20, 2020

How About Fundraisers?

The Band Booster Spring Fruit Sale is beginning this weekend and extends until February 14th. Here's some info about this option fundraiser:

  • Information & Online Forms will be found here: (not yet updated)

  • Paper Forms available in the band room

  • Funds go into student's ledgers for band-related experiences and help the Boosters. For more information about the cookie dough & fruit sales, contact Cindy Melendy at

The Sound of Sun Prairie

“Move beyond the notes to cultivate a life long passion and drive for creativity, curiosity, and community through a vision of students as accomplished learners and evolving musicians in pursuit of artistry