Saint Ignatius Band Announcements

September 6th, 2015

Mentor Recap

Before Leaving -

  • Thank you to the students that prepared the uniforms and room for departure prior to me arriving. This made life significantly easier, and your help is noticed and greatly appreciated.
  • Thank you to all students that were fully prepared for uniform inspection. Missing parts and pieces makes our overall image less impactful!

In the Stands -

  • Excellent job keeping aware of extra points in the endzone. I'm still waiting for a student to actually catch the ball!
  • Continue to aim for uniform entrances on shorts. When we have one "on deck", it's your job to be prepared and waiting for the count off!
  • Mentor's Boosters complimented our behavior and appreciation for third quarter. Again --- this attitude and image means everything.

Halftime -

  • After watching the video from halftime, there's still a lot of room for improvement. We had a number of unusually careless mistakes in this run. The overall effect was positive, but I'm still hoping for a cleaner marching drill. The music continues to improve, which is a very positive sign from this weekend!
Wrap Up -

  • Thank you to EVERYONE that helped cleanup at the Breen Center. After dropping the van back off, I usually anticipate a fair amount of cleaning. I had practically nothing to do this time around; a testament to the selfless acts of various students and chaperones. Know that if this was you, I'm very appreciative.

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday -

  • 7:15am-7:45am - Uniform Return
  • 3pm-3:30pm - Uniform Return

Wednesday -

  • Wednesday Night Rehearsal 6pm-8pm

Friday - Football vs. Valley Forge

  • 5:15pm - Uniform Distribution
  • 5:45pm - Load Busses
  • 6pm - Depart for Byers Field
  • 6:45pm - Combined PreGame with Valley Forge MB
  • 7pm - Kickoff

Bus Pickup Reminder

To any families that pick students up directly from games:

A gentle reminder that patience is a virtue when it comes to picking your son or daughter up from the football games. I beg of you to let ALL students check in with the bus chaperone and board BEFORE you sign them out. When 10 parents immediately rush our chaperones, it slows the entire process down, including when the remaining students are able to get back to Saint Ignatius.

Our general policy is that students board the bus, and then are let back off once everyone is accounted for. The only way this works is if we have patience from all parties. It also eliminates any concern that a student is unaccounted for. If this process continues to backfire, we'll need to look a different way to streamline it, which may force us to consider eliminating it as an option.

Parent Thank Yous!

To all parents that have helped Chaperone in the first two games, and to the many parents that donated quite a few hours of labor at the Cleveland Air Show, a tremendous thank you for all of your help!

Band Practice Sheets

A reminder that Band practice sheets (with parent signature!) are due Tuesday. The section with the highest average practice time per students will be rewarded.

Open House Performance

A reminder that the Band (not the Flag Corps) has a required performance at Open House on October 1st. The time will LIKELY be 5:30pm-6:30pm, however that is subject to change.

Did I Miss Anything?

Please let me know if there are any questions!