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Parent Teacher Conferences

Our Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled over the next two weeks. Below is a

Parent-Teacher Conference Checklists to guide you through the process.

Before the conference

  • Ask your child how she feels about school.
  • Ask your child if there is anything that he wants you to talk about with his teacher.
  • Tell your child that you and the teacher are meeting to help her.
  • Make a list of topics that you want to talk about with the teacher.
  • Prepare a list of questions such as:
  • 1. What are my child's strongest and weakest subjects?
    2. Does my child hand homework in on time?
    3. Does my child participate in class?
    4. Does my child seem happy at school?
    5. What can I do at home to help?

During the conference

  • Be on time (or early) for the meeting. Because of the number of students in each class most conferences are scheduled for 20 minutes.
  • End the meeting on time. Other parents will probably have a conference after yours.
  • Relax and be yourself.
  • Stay calm during the conference.
  • Ask the most important questions first.
  • If your child receives special services such as English classes, ask about your child's progress in those classes. You can request a separate meeting if our ELL or Special Education teachers are unavailable.
  • Ask for explanations of anything you don't understand
  • Ask your child's teacher for ways that you can help your child at home.
  • Thank the teacher.

After the conference

  • Talk about the conference with your child.
  • Talk about the positive points, and be direct about problems.
  • Tell your child about any plans you and the teacher created.
  • Keep in touch with the teacher during the school year.

American Education Week

Don't forget that AEW week Parent Visitation is on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 17th and 18th from 9:30-11:30 a.m. We hope to see you there. If you are unable to make those dates and times-please contact your child's teacher to schedule another visit.

Dress for Success

With colder temperatures upon us-please dress your child in layers. Also it is important to label all outerwear. During your time in the building for AEW and Parent Teacher Conferences-please check our lost and found which is located on the stage in the cafeteria.

Picture Retakes

Picture retakes will take place on Wednesday, November 18th. Please return the entire original picture packet to the photographer.

For students who were absent on Picture Day in October-please complete the notice that will be sent home with your child this week, include payment and send it with your child on Picture Day on the 18th.

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