Starling's Summary

Weekly information, updates, calendar and more

The week ahead... January 19-22

Tuesday, January 19 - Challenge #10 - Download this free desk planner and attach to your desk -

Teacher of the Year elections until 4:00pm - please take the time to read biographical information on each candidate.

F.A.M.E. mtg

Wednesday, January 20 - Challenge #11 - Don't do any work during lunch today, and don't feel guilty about it!

PLC day

Thursday, January 21- Challenge #12 - At the start of class, pass out index cards and ask students to respond to this prompt: "I wish my teacher knew this about me...".

Math Easy CBM mid-year assessment during their regularly scheduled block time in the Intervention Lab - Students in grades 2nd-4th grade will need to bring paper and pencil on their designated day.

Friday, January 22 - Challenge #13 - Write a thank you note to the custodian who cleans your classroom to tell him or her that you appreciate their work, it is usually a thankless job.

Progress reports due to supervisor

Career Day

Sub plans and bulletin boards are to be updated by today

Coming up next week.... Spring Pictures - Tuesday, January 26

Mission for the week

For Students: When you finish you work, instead of asking your teacher, "what do I do now?" Find ways to keep learning.

For Staff: Create a list of task your students can work on independently if they finish a task early

Climate Survey - an email was sent to you, but here is the link - please complete if you haven't already, it takes about 10 minutes - also , if you get any paper copies of the parent survey please send them to the office ASAP

Alief ISD Staff Climate and School Safety Survey

Dear Staff Member,

Everyone in Alief Independent School District has a voice in the ongoing pursuit of educational excellence.

Please click here to take the survey. (Please note this link can only be used once. If you have any problems accessing the survey, please email us at

Many of you told us last year that you felt the survey was too long. We listened, and shortened the survey. This survey should take you less than 20 minutes to complete. Because this survey is administered by a third party, K12 Insight, your responses are strictly confidential; your feedback is anonymous to Alief ISD staff. If you have any questions about how K12 Insight protects the confidentiality of your responses, please email the research team at

Please answer the survey questions based on your experiences during this school year only and skip any questions that you feel are not applicable to you. After the survey closes, we will report the findings publicly, sharing what we have learned and what specific changes you may anticipate as a result of your feedback.

Thank you for your time and prompt attention. Engaging in an ongoing two-way dialogue is critical as we work together to provide our students with the best possible education.


HD Chambers
Alief Independent School District

Congratulations - Sonja Rodgers- Horn Hero of the Week for Jan 11-15

Horn Hero of the Week Ballot

Scroll down to the staff member you are voting for and click inside the box. Vote for only one person.

Horn Hero of the Week - staff questionnaire - please fill out if you haven't already

Click on the link to complete the Staff questionnaire. If you are the winning staff member, this is the information we will display.

Shout Outs and Celebrations

Big thanks to ILT for stepping in last Thursday when we were short - 14 subs.

Mrs. Sanders and Mrs. White gave up some of their planning time to make popcorn for winning classes.

Many of you may not know that Ms. Oldmixon is our liaison to our Comet program. She takes her own time to help the program with materials, strategies, and planning .

Reminders and updates

When a student is written up, the referral must be accompanied by the red referral folder with updated contact information.

When writing a referral, please remember not to name other students, don't mention previous incidents and complete the referral including current and previous interventions (not just check marks)

Staff Birthdays

Alvina Sanchez-Jan. 19

Let me know anything that needs to be added to the calendar, shout outs, reminders, etc