The President

By: Alyssa Johnson


Running for President: Amy Ross

Amy Ross is a 36 year old American female. She supports the pear party and is very honest, respectful, and thoughtful. Ross has 3 kids and a husband. They all live together in Savage, Minnesota. Ross cares very much about the environment, immigrants, and supports disadvantaged countries. She believes that people-legal immigrants or not-should have the same governmental protection. Ross also believes that the federal land should be under the governments control and that aid should be given to other countries that need our help. She has has a lot of political experience including being a member of the house of representatives and she was also a lawyer. So vote for Amy Ross for president on the first Tuesday after the first money in November!
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Ross's Ideas To Solve Issues

Amy Ross is trying to make the people and environment safer by:

  • Giving illegal aliens more protections under law
  • Enacting new taxes to decrease class size and hire new teachers
  • Trying to find environmentally friendly sources and solutions
  • Opposes increased drilling in the U.S
  • Supports aid for disadvantaged countries
  • Wants to maintain federal land under government control
  • Supports gay marriage, but democrats remain largely divided on the issue; some only support civil unions

Political Elections

To be eligible to vote, you need to be:

  • 18+ years old and a U.S citizen
  • Resident of the state where you registered
  • Not currently serving a prison term
  • Not currently on parole or other post-release supervision
You can either choose to register to vote online or at the poll booths. You need to have these things to fill out the registration form:

  • Valid drivers license or an ID card number
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Address
Once you have the registration form filled out, you can send it or mail it back. You could also turn it in at the poll booths. You need to have the registration form turned in 21 days before the election. The election is on the first Tuesday after the first Monday.

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Presidential Votes

Each political party has its own estimated amount of votes. So far in the elections, the pear party's estimated amount is 60% of the votes. The apple party has an estimated amount of 30% of the and the orange party has only 10%.

In the graph:

  • 1=10%
  • 2=20%
  • 3=30%
  • Etc....

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