Digital Conversion Bytes

Vol. 7 - December 16, 2016

iPads are transforming classrooms at West Field

The story below is by West Field 3rd grade teachers.

West Field third grade teachers, Amber Johnson, Laura Heckenkemper, Tiffany Cone, Kathryn Long, Sarah Atkins, and Melaney Dow have a shared vision for authentic teaching and learning accompanied by problem solving, performance assessments, collaborative conversations, and student engagement. West Field students have been more engaged than ever in collaborative projects, problem-solving, tracking their progress, demonstrating mastery, and LOVING school!

The West Field third grade team is integrating STEM instruction. These teachers are transforming the typical teacher-centered classroom by encouraging a curriculum that is driven by problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning, and requiring students to actively engage in a situation in order to find a solution. By undertaking real-world problems or projects, students apply knowledge and skills from two or more disciplines and help to shape the learning experience.

This past week at West Field third grade students participated in the Hour of Code. Students learned about computer science and the importance of learning how to program and create. Students gained knowledge on how to code and explored many different computer coding programs. Computer science has captivated the interests of third graders at West Field!

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Chromebooks and Student Learning Achievement

The story below is by Ms. Kelley Rampey, 8th grade science teacher at Central Middle School.

I have been very impressed with the results of student learning achievement over the last four months while using the Chromebooks and Canvas. In the past, I have been a big fan of project-based learning, but always struggled getting the majority of students engaged in the assignments. I was very enthusiastic to utilize technology in the classroom for the simple fact that the students would have immediate resources at their fingertips and it would allow me to give immediate feedback of students work. Since August, I have witnessed a phenomenal amount of student engagement, collaboration with classmates, and desire to achieve the learning objectives. The Chromebooks and Canvas have transformed my classroom to personalized learning for all students. My hope as a teacher is to instill a passion for knowledge and show students how to become lifelong learners, which will ultimately translate to professional success. I am anxious to see how all this excitement about learning translates to the performance on state tests at the end of the year.

Chromebooks at Central

Flipping the Classroom with Canvas!

Mr. John Reese at Sequoyah Middle School is using Canvas to flip his Geometry classroom. Students are able to watch a nightly video and then complete a discussion thread about it all on Canvas. Mr. Reese likes Canvas because it allows him to collect notes and quiz results digitally. It also allows students more flexibility in completing assignments.

Canvas Quotes from Sequoyah Middle School

About the Project

Mission: Empowering all students to succeed in a

changing society.

Vision: Advancing excellence in everything we do!

Digital Conversion, simply put, is about learning and not about technology. The project will provide student mobile devices, digital content (curriculum, including textbooks), professional development, network infrastructure, and a Learning Management System. This project will provide our students with the experience, skills, confidence, and adaptability they will need to succeed in college and in the workforce.