Kaia Yellowhorse

My Personality

My Personality Color is Green

A green, like me, is very determined, orderly, and straight to the point. I, myself, am a perfectionist and a strategist. I communicate factually and literally.

Five Strengths Of Mine


My Animal

My "Inner Animal" is a Badger. Badgers are a leadership animal,
Badgers have extraordinary physical and emotional strengths. They have much larger personalities and abide anyone in their path. Badgers are regular with physical activity and well groomed.

Careers that fit my personality

                                       1. Reporter
                                  2. Basketball Player
                                3. Professional Gambler
                                       4. Engineer
                                          5. Soldier

My Influence

My influence to the class is as a leader and a perfectionist. I can keep my group on track and head for the goal of the assignment. I can influence others toward success by being an example on the path toward accomplishment. For example, if someone didn't know what to do, I could help them and lead them in the direction to get them back in the game.

My Goals based on my Personality