Battle of Quebec

By Nathan


The Battle of Quebec was a great win for British. Because of the

the conflict of Quebec be gone. Because the Battle of Quebec America suffered a great loss. Because of the British advantages they won. The Battle of Quebec was a good battle. Both of them had good generals. I hope you learned about the genrals advantages and the disadvantages and the Battle of Quebec.


There are a lot of generals of the Battle of Quebec. There were 6 generals in the battle of Quebec. There we're 4 British generals and two for America. The British Generals are Guy Caraston Allen malean and more. The American genrals are were Richard Montgomery, Benedict Arnold ,Dainail Morgan, James Livington and Nathainail Green. Nathaniel Green has a huge library. Those were the Genrals of the Battle of Quebec.

The main battle

The Battle of Quebec was interesting. The British won the war. British captured 431 America man. The battle of Quebec was a battle in the revolutionary war. The battle of Quebec was a awesome win for British. America had 900 men. British had 1,800 men. The battle took place on 31,December 1775.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of the battle of Quebec. British had bigger guns. America had a small army and small guns. British had to wait to get supplies. British didn't know Americas tactic. British had better and bigger ships. America was low on food and ammunition. That's the Advantages and disadvantages of Quebec. British won because their advantages.

In the end all of it done. I hope you fully learned how much generals there are. As you can see the Americas suffered a great loss. Obviously you can see that America won because there advantages. I hope you were able to learn everything about Quebec and it is done


Generals-a commander of an army, or an army officer of very high rank. captured-take into one's possession or control by force. revolutionary-

engaged in or promoting political revolution. tactic-the art of disposing armed forces in order of battle and of organizing operations, especially during contact with an enemy. suffered-experience or be subjected to (something bad or unpleasant).



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