KB Classroom Update 7

December 4, 2015

Parent Update

Hello lovely KB families! Happy first week of December! The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and It is officially the last month of the year as we are approaching the end of 2015. Our super readers and super writers have been working hard during literacy, and they are also on their way to becoming shape experts in math.

This week for the Second Step Curriculum, we focused on how people may have the same or different opinions regarding any topic. Understanding and appreciating others’ feelings can be difficult, too and because of this, it is important to be respectful and considerate of others' feelings. We also discussed the difference between accidents and doing something on purpose. The students discussed ways to fix accidents when they occur by apologizing and asking the person they hurt on how they can help make it better. A way to support at home is to talk with your child about any problem they bring up after school and walking them through what they felt at the time and what they think anyone involved at the time may have felt. This will allow your child to begin to understand the feeling of empathy. It is a big feeling, but a helpful one!

We have many fun events and exciting activities planned in the upcoming weeks, so please check the list below for dates and more information. Let's make it a December to remember everyone! :-)

BPCS Monthly IB Learner Profile: Risk Taker Students

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Gregory, Annabella, Ruby, Reilly

Risk-takers: "We try new things."

  • I am brave and courageous.
  • I trust in myself and stand by my opinions and beliefs.
  • I take on a challenge even though I may fail.
  • I am willing to try new things without worrying about the outcome.

Over the past month of November, these KB students have exemplified what it means to be a risk taking student at Brooklyn Prospect. Other students gave examples of risk taking moments such as:

  • Trixie - "Gregory because he tried to write his last name today."
  • Ms. Park - "During science, I noticed that Annabella experimented with clay even though she initially said that she didn't want to and preferred to draw the tree on the plate instead."
  • Anja - "Ruby was being a risk taker because she did something she never did at the park. She climbed the monkey bars."
  • Mrs. Mulwanda - "During writing, Reilly tried his best to spell the word Shake Shack, even though it was hard for him."

Learning with KB!

The Long & Short Vowels Song ♫♪♫ | Scratch Garden

KB Morning Read Aloud

Volunteer for Morning Read Aloud

KB loves reading, and we love hearing other adults read to us. If you would like to join us for a morning read aloud, please use the link above to volunteer. We can't wait for you to visit!

Having Fun Indoors!

Specials in Kindergarten B!

Spanish with Ms. Rosado

¡KB explora en español!

It has been a pleasure seeing KB grow and learn so fast in Español. We know the days of the weeks perfectly, we know our body parts, and we also respond quickly to the Simón dice (Simon says) command. (¡Sí! We love that game.) Now, we continue exploring the language through the five senses, but specifically through sight (vista) and hearing (oir). In our exploration of sight, we use our ojos to identify colors and animals. "Veo ,veo ¿Qué ves?" With our hearing, we explore los oídos and sounds that travel around us. We used a big cardboard tube to explore the sounds in Spanish and shared some secrets. We also played a blindfold game to explore hearing carefully and guessing who was saying "hola, ¿cómo estas?" It was so fun to guess ¿Quién es?

P.S. A big thanks to all the students that worked hard on the GRACIAS installation. It was a total hit! You can take a look at your student picture in the lobby display.

¡Hola, Ms. Mulwanda! ¿Quién soy?
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During our last Spanish class, we took an adventure walk to listen carefully to the sounds of the city. Not only did we walk intently while paying attention to the sounds, but we also sang songs and became part of our noisy city. ¡Qué aventura! Check out our pictures and video:

KB Explora NY

We love to end our class with our version of Duck Duck Goose, which is called the Bye Bye game. We say ¡Hola, hola…hasta luego! (Hello, hello…see you later!). Watch the video below:

Duck Duck Goose

Music with Ms. Raccio

Tambourines, Maracas, and Castanets, Oh My! KB students have continued to learn about rhythm by exploring the different sounds of our percussion instruments. We're applying our growing musical skills to our upcoming special performance -which we are excited to present to you next week at the BPCS Curriculum Share!

Here is a sneak peek of KB rehearsing for this big event:

Art with Ms. Walsh

WOW, K artists worked really hard in November. They painted beautiful autumn papers and spent days observing, drawing and cutting out leaves for their tree — located in the school lobby. I hope you saw the tree in all it’s glory as it is very difficult to photograph. Your K artists are strengthening their hands and developing good habits with scissors. Matisse would be proud! Additionally, they love to staple and are quite good with our new staplers. We celebrated our Fall project by making crowns. Please check out photos below to see how focused K artists are in the studio! Happy Holidays from the Studio Lab!

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  • Parent Teacher Conferences will take place December 16th-December 18th. The location will be at BPCS Downtown and the deadline to sign up will be the end of the day before the requested appointment date. To pick a time slot, please use the link www.ptcfast.com/reg1 and the entry code is: PUT1126094. If parents do not have internet access, please call Ms. Marchena at 718-722-7634 to schedule your appointment. Hope to see everyone there!
  • Hello Families! We have had so much fun getting to know your children during these first few months of school. Now, we would love it if all of you could come in and share with us too for the Kindergarten Family Community Share! KB is asking that each family come into our classroom and share about their family. This can include sharing a family tradition and information about your cultural heritage or a holiday. The presentation can be up to 30 minutes and include a dance, a song, a book, food and/or an art project. We are asking that you coming in at the specific time that we are outlining below in the sign up sheet, which are Tuesdays 8:45-9:15 or Fridays 2:00-2:35. Please click the "KB Family Community Share" link below to sign up and come in for a presentation. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We can't wait to see you!
Parent Teacher Conference Sign-ups

Entry code is: PUT1126094


  • Families are invited to our Fall Curriculum Share on December 11th from 9-12pm. Students will share what they have been working on through our first Inquiry unit on "Community."
  • Narrative #1 will be sent home electronically via email on Monday December 14th.
  • At home, please watch and continually practice the Sounds in Motion video from KB Classroom Update 6 with the students. With repeated exposure to each letter attached to a physical motion, they can build their listening skills and this in turn, helps to improve articulation, vocabulary skills, auditory memory, phonemic awareness, and early literacy.
  • Park days to Fort Greene Park are on Wednesdays, as long as weather permits. Please, pack a bagged lunch on those days and send your child to school with rubber-soled shoes. If it is 45 degrees or above, we will go to the park and have lunch there. If it is between 30 and 45 degrees, we will go to the park for playtime and return to school for lunch. If it is less than 10 degrees (real feel) or unsafe conditions (rain or ice), we will stay indoors.

Classroom Links

Volunteer for Family Community Share

KB loves learning about different types of communities along with our inquiry unit. Please use the link above to sign up and share about your family's cultural tradition and heritage!

Volunteer to help out during Recess at Metrotech

Please join us on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fridays from 11:15-12:00pm as we play at Metrotech!

Volunteer to help during Recess at Fort Greene Park

Please join us on Wednesdays from 11:15-1:00pm as we play and eat at Fort Greene Park!

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If you donate something to the class, we want to thank you in advance and we would appreciate if you could tell us the itemized list, so we could pass the information along to the Operations Team in order for them to ensure that we receive the items.

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Important Dates to Remember

  • 12/11 - Narrative #1 sent home
  • 12/11 - Fall Curriculum Share (9-12pm)
  • 12/16-12/17 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 12/18 - Parent Teacher Conferences (No school)
  • 12/23 - Early Dismissal: No ASP (1:30pm)
  • 12/24-1/3 - Winter Break (No school)

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