Summer Reading

Huebner Elementary School

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Don't let the Summer Slide affect you!

Check out this newsletter for the Huebner Summer Olympic Reading Games as well as other great reading opportunities around the city!

Participate in the Huebner Summer Olympic Reading Games!

Blue Ring - Synchronized Reading - Read together as a family! You may choose to all read the same book together (family book club) or read at the same time but different materials (family SSR time). synchronous swimming

Yellow Ring - Hit the Bullseye on your Reading Target! - Set a goal for your summer reading. It could be to read a certain number of books or read a set time each day. Then work towards hitting your target! archery

Black Ring - Pump Up Your Reading Strength! - As the summer progresses, increase the number of books you read each week or each month. How heavy will your pile of read books be by August? weightlifting

Green Ring - Minutes Marathon - As the summer progresses, how many minutes can you read in one sitting? Each week try to increase the number of minutes to work on your reading stamina. Marathon running

Red Ring - Triathlon of Genres - Try a new genre this summer! Read three different genres to complete the triathlon. Older readers - think of the 10 fiction genres in the library. Younger readers - think different types of stories or reading materials. Triathlon

Click the image below to print a copy of the games.

Return page 2 to the library by August 20 to earn your medal!

The reading lists on the NEISD Library Services Summer Reading Guide represent a wide variety of reading levels, genres, and points of view. Many are available on Sora from either our NEISD eLibrary or SAPL eLibrary. Click the image below to get the NEISD Reading Guide!

Community Summer Reading Programs