Tech Tip Thursday #22

Week of March 12, 2015

Digital Storytelling

Storytelling in Class

My son recently had an assignment to create a paper on Propaganda. When I read his paragraphs about Propaganda and how he compared it to everyday situations, I noticed he had no structure in his writing. That's when I thought the site, StoryboardThat would have been helpful to him since he is a visual learner.

What is Storyboard That?

  • Simple & Fun Interface:The storyboard creator uses a familiar drag and drop interface that users of all ages pick up in seconds. Our creator allows you to fully customize numerous aspects of your storyboard; from coloring in your own character, to adding text, we have everything you need to get the story straight!

  • Detailed Image Library:Creating a beautiful and expressive storyboard is easy with our extensive and well curated library of over 325 characters, 225 scenes, and over 45,000 images in search. If that still isn’t enough we offer another powerful tool; the ability to upload your own images!

  • Focus is on The Story: By using a storyboard like a graphic organizer it helps structure students work into a linear and concise story. Although it feels easy at first, breaking down ones thoughts into just a few cells works critical skills in prioritizing the right information and creating a good story flow.
Getting Started with Storyboard That

It's Limitations

The free version of Storyboard That limits your stories to six frames. A premium plan allows for more frames, uploading of your own images instead of just using clipart, and the premium plan offers a "teacher view" for monitoring your students' work. But, for short stories, the free version is fine.

Want More on Digital Storytelling? Check out my iTunesU Course, Digital Storytelling. It's Free!

Digital Storytelling is a resource for teachers that includes iOS Apps and Web 2.0 applications to help them and their students learn more about Digital Storytelling in the classroom.

Tonia McMillan, Technology Coordinator

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