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The beginning of losing freedom

First of all, they not only got their families and their homes, but they got their freedom taken away. They were chained up and thrown into pits for about 6 weeks to several months with only eating some coconuts.

The ship of horrors

After they were thrown into pits (white) people chose the healthiest and took them on a ship. The smell on the ship was disgusting, and many people got sick, or even died because of the smell. They would throw the decomposed bodies over board. To get exercise they would do something called (dancing) when they would whip the slaves to humiliate them.
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Trying to escape?

Some slaves who actually had the guts to jump of the ship usually drowned or got recovered and beaten.

What did they eat?

They ate raw fish and moldy bread

On the way back

The slaves who were not sold were took back on their in a fashion called loose packing.