Davids Smore

David Hinton

Character development

Means that threw out the story the main character or,characters in the story develop more characteristics to better define who they are,or what they are going to do about the problem at hand.


Setting is either the main plot at the beginning of a story,makes up the story,or the time and place that what ever is taking place at.

5Ws outline

is a rhyming pattern it goes either a a b b,or a b a b one of the first letters you use has to rhyme all the way down.


Is what makes the reader intreaged to want to read more get really rolled up reading it as if they are actually in the world it's taking place in.

Plot development

Plot development is when the the plot changes threw out the story it gets more exciting going threw out the story but the climax of the the story is the most important part of the plot it puts the reader at edge wondering what's going to happen next.

Sensory language

Sensory language is sight,smell,hear,taste,(EXAMPLE:)

I felt as if Iwas going to get hold of were that odor is coming from it was sour I saw were it was coming from it was making barking noises and the smell was coming from on the ground.