north vs south

civil war causes

causes of civil war

  1. economic differences
  2. states vs federal rights
  3. slavery
  4. traffits
  5. cultural differences

general of north Ulysses

he born in 1822

he died in 1885

at his 63 years

north president Abraham Lincoln

north adventages


population 22 million

president abram lincon

long military

more health

rail rode control

north disventages


un agresive soilders

large cost

lot of land

president of the south jefferson davis

Davis was born in kentacky in 1808

He died in 1889 at his 81 years old.

He was the general of the norths

army in the civil war

South general Robert E. Lee

He born in 1807 on northen virginia

he was the president and general of the south

and he died in 1870 at his 63 years old

south adventages


generals : robert.e

long military : 600.000 men ready for fight

strong motivation

lot of guns

cotton exchange for guns

south disventages


printed paper money

under lider of robert

small population