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Ed. 5 October 5, 2020

Building Resilience

Raising resilient children starts with self-care for parents. Children watch their parents for clues on how to interact with the world. Giving yourself permission to reduce stress and be happy – in whatever way that works for you – will increase your mindset for resilience. Start with asking yourself these 3 questions when faced with a challenge. 1. Is this a real tiger or a paper tiger? Our brains were originally designed to flee preditors in the wilderness; we launch into survival mode even when a problem isn’t really life threatening (your child arriving late to soccer practice is not the end of the world!) You can solve your problems easier when you you’ve established that there is no immediate danger to yourself or a loved one. Take a breath and calm your heart, you will be able to think more clearly and determine what you need to do. 2. How will I feel about this problem tomorrow? Next week? Next year? Typically struggles ease with the passage of time. (I cannot even remember all the times I got my child to soccer practice late!) When we view our problems as short-lived, we are more likely to think of them as resolvable. 3. Is this good situation permanent? Sometimes, without meaning to, we think self-defeating thoughts, such as I am not really worthy of this positive thing that has happened to me so I am going to lose it. In the worst case scenario we might sabotage ourselves out of fear someone will take away our gains. Don’t do this to yourself! Monitor your self talk and appreciate all the good that happens to you. Take it in. Relish it. It’s yours.

For more information on building resilience check out this article from GreaterGood.

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September 15 - October 15

Bates is celebrating Hispanic Heritage month!

Check out the Cougar Channel!

Cougar Chanel is ON during Building Communities! (8:30 AM!)

Cash for Schools

KB True Value has run a donations program for local schools for quite a few years. Customers have the opportunity to donate to the school of their choice when they shop at KB True Value and KB True Value will match those donations up to $5,000.00. Additionally, this year Bay Ridge Wine and spirits is matching donations up to $5000.00. As of 9/22/2020 customer donations to Bates Middle are up to $341.00! With matching donations from KB True Value and BRWS the total donation for Bates Middle is up to $682.00!!

We are very grateful for the generosity and support of KB True Value and Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits and all of those who have donated! Thank you!!!

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Coffee with the Principal

Save the date October 14 @ 11 AM for our next VIRTUAL coffee with the Principal. Please complete THIS SURVEY in order to let us know how we can best support you virtually! An interpreter will be available during the meeting.

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Tools for Success | Tuesday and Thursday | 9:50am - 10:15am

The Tools for Success class has been designed to help support students with tools they will need for online learning and beyond. With this new eLearning platform, we need to support our middle school students with executive functioning skills to help them succeed online. While many of these skills are also important in a face to face classroom, this course will focus on supporting online learning. Tools for Success is held on Tuesday and Thursday's with their Period 9 teacher from 9:50-10:15am.

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Students interested in joining dance company should join the “Bates Dance Company Auditions” Google classroom in order to receive their interest form, registration materials, video rehearsals, and submission directions. They can join the classroom using our code (yjogwsp). Dance company is open to any student who is NOT ENROLLED IN PVA DANCE. Students can audition even if they are not currently in an encore dance class. Questions? Contact Ms. Matthews.

Parent Teacher Conferences

There will be no virtual classes on October 12 & 13 in order to allow time for Parent Teacher Conferences. If you have received an invitation for a conference, please respond as soon as possible. If you have not received an invitation but are concerned about your student’s performance in 3 or more classes, please contact your grade level counselor. If your concerns are limited to 2 or fewer classes, please make arrangements to speak with individual teachers during their office hours. A list of teacher emails can be found on the school website.

Check Parent Portal on October 9th!

Interims are delivered virtually. Check your students grades on Parent Portal on October 9.

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Instructional Material Pick Up

Did you miss Instructional Material Pick Up??

Please call the school at 410 263-0270 to arrange a time to pick up materials.

Magnet Presentations & Virtual Information Sessions

Click Here to find presentation information and sign up for a "Virtual Information Meeting"

In the Community


Flex time is required for ALL STUDENTS for the ENTIRE class period. For encore classes, students will attend the first half of class with their A day encore and the second half of class for their B day encore. The newly revised schedule can be downloaded from the One Bates Website

PTA News

If you haven’t already done so, please sign up now to become a member of our PTA. Just go to our PTA website at and follow the link for how to become a member. We will have information soon about our October PTA meeting. We had a fantastic turnout at our first meeting last month, and we hope to see even more families at our October meeting. Thank you for supporting your PTA!

Important Dates

Oct 5 - 8 | Dance Company Auditions

Oct 7 | PVA extended day

Oct 9 | Interims available on Parent Portal


Oct 12 | Magnet Applications OPEN

Oct 12 | Parent Teacher Conferences, No Virtual School

Oct 13 | Parent Teacher Conferences, No Virtual School

Oct 14 | Coffee with the Principal, 11 AM

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Wiley H. Bates MIddle School

Katherine Hicks, Principal

Amy Beller, editor

We are better together!