5th Grade Tiger Tales

Oct. 28, 2016

Welcome Back, Mrs. Camp!

Mrs. Camp returned to us on Monday. The kids and I are so happy to have her back.

Parent Teacher Conference Forms

These forms will be sent home next Wednesday. (The office has given us a letter dated Nov. 2nd to send home, so that's when we will send it.) Mrs. Camp and I will conference with you together. Hosey Homeroom conferences will be on Wednesday, the 9th, and Camp Homeroom conferences will be on Thursday, the 10th. The kids will be off from school on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday that week.

First Marking Period Ends Today - No School on Monday for Kids

  • Mrs. Camp and I will be busy entering our final grades from the first grading period on Monday. Please realize that grades are being added all the time and updated as kids turn in revisions.

Reading Groups are Changing

Next week we will start historical fiction novels or a non-fiction text about the Jamestown settlement. We have assigned students to their new groups based upon performance on our recent Unit Test, the latest SRI score, and observations during reading groups.