Occupy Wall Street

Why Did The Protest Start?

  • People argue that political and economical in the U.S. favors corporation and wealthier people
  • People didn't feel like they were being heard
  • Some People wanted a place where they can speak out and be heard


  • When? : September 17, 2011
  • Where? : Launched near Wall Street NY
  • What? : Protest against the economic system and unfair treatment


  • People protested by: Chanting, Screaming, holding signs, flyers (etc.)
  • During protesting, many people were arrested by the NYPD during a march in NYC
  • The people who were protesting had a rallying cry: "We are the 99%". (Reason why in the "Statistics" category)
99% v 1%: the data behind the Occupy movement | Guardian Animations

Video (above)

This video will explain what the "We are the 99%" chant


  • Led to lots of arrests because people were getting annoyed and angry that people were chanting bad things about them (political and economical figures)
  • Got more people to participate in the protest to take a stand
  • Angered many political and economical officials
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Protests (for picture above)

These are just the handful of people who came to protest about their rights and belifs
Mike Myers visits Occupy Wall Street

(For video above)

Mike Myers goes to wall street protests and talks about it and interacts with some people at Wall street