FHMS Spectra

It's more than just a class.

Third Quarter Projects- Research

Spectra students learn advanced research skills to prepare them for the rigors of high school. In these units, we explore various personal note-taking styles for efficient recording, understanding what reliable sources are and where to find them for valid information, and how to compile their research into an interesting presentation format.

6th Grade Spectra - Infographics - We are taking our research and applying it to a graphic format. We have studied the popularity infographics and how they can help us communicate our research to a global audience!

7th Grade Spectra - Passion Project - From steroid use to the dangers of hover boards, students are researching topics of interest and packaging their findings into a college-level quality presentation. Go easy on your 7th grade Spectra student - this project is by far the most intense of the 3-year middle school Spectra program! :)

8th Grade Spectra - Envision - This is one of my most favorite research projects! Students are taking their research on their future and presenting them to the class. Some students have chosen to take on spouses to help with the financial and lifestyle decisions, while others wanted to remain single and in complete control. Don't just ask your 8th grade Spectra student where they are going to college and what they are going to be when they grow up - ask to see their house and what their adult lives may look like!

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4th Quarter Preview

After all the hard work of 3rd quarter, 4th quarter brings fun and creativity! Read on to see what is in store!

6th Grade Spectra - Infomercials - Students will get to create a product and produce a commercial for their product!

7th Grade Spectra - Create a Country! - Will your child be President or a Queen? Will his face be on his national currency? You'll find out as 7th grade spectra students develop their own country, form alliances, and possibly take over the world!

8th Grade Spectra - Mental Health - Students will view various aspects of a mental illness of their choice. To support this topic, we will go on a tour of the 1869 St. Louis Historical Lunatic Assylum near Tower Grove Park and then eat lunch together at Cunneto's on The Hill!

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Good Read!!!

Spectra is not just a class. It is a learning environment where gifted students and their families can receive support for the specialized needs that accompany being gifted or living with gifted people.

Advocacy is most important in gifted education and it usually falls to the Gifted Education Specialist and parents of gifted students. Through education, we can make a difference!

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