Virginia Tech

'Invent the Future'

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Virginia Tech was founded in 1872 as an agricultural and mechanical land-grant college. Today, VT is one of the largest universities in Virginia, and is among the top engineering colleges in the United States. VT currently has around 31,000 students, 80% of which are undergraduates. VT is located in the rural college town of Blacksburg, Virginia, and is the heart of the city.

Cost of attendance

In-state: $11,000 per year
Out-state: $25,000 per year

Room and board costs $8,000 per year

Why Virginia Tech?

USNews ranked Virginia Tech as:
  • 15th in undergrad engineering program
  • 24th in graduate engineering program
  • 69th best college in the United States

Acording to Princeton Review:

  • 4th in campus food
  • 5th in quality of life
  • 7th in happiest students

Also, The Wall Street Journal acclaimed VT for its employment rate out of college.

Because VT is in-state for us in Virginia Beach, VT is a more viable choice than similar colleges that are out-of-state.
Virginia Tech Campus Tour

What it takes to get a Mechanical Engineering Bachelor's degree

4 years of college (130 credit-hours)
Freshman: 15 + 17
Sophomore: 16 + 16
Junior: 18 + 15
Senior: 18 + 15


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