The Stinging News

September 11, 2020

Important Phone Numbers

Hornung Office - 810-299-4450

Hornung Attendance Line - 810-299-4454

Jack Yates, Principal Office 810-299-4451

Hornung Fax - 810-299-4460

Hornung Friendship Center – 810-299-4461

BAS Central Office - 810-299-4000

BAS Transportation – 810-299-3890

Specials Schedule For This Week

Monday, September 14th - A Day

Tuesday, September 15th - B Day

Wednesday, September 16th - Remote Learning Day

Thursday, September 17th - C Day

Friday, September 18th - A Day

Principal’s Message – Friday, Sept. 11, 2020

Dear Hornung Families,

What an amazing first week of school!!! I am so proud of all of our students and staff for creating a safe and welcoming environment for all. Just as a reminder, starting next week, Monday, September 14th, we will have a full day of school with lunches.

End of the Day Pick Up…The ending time is the same as last year…3:42. However, homeroom teachers will dismiss a few minutes early for those parents who arrive a couple minutes before the bell rings.

Lunches…Students will be eating only with their homeroom classrooms. We will not have a peanut free table, because we are keeping classrooms together in their “bubble”. Therefore, if there is a child in the classroom who is allergic to peanuts, their classroom will be peanut free at lunch and really all day.

Stinging News…You’ll notice that we updated the Stinging News. However, we have left in a lot of important information to support our new protocols this year. Please read through the information that we provided.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!

Sincerely, Jack Yates
Hornung Elementary Principal


Student device contracts

At Brighton Area Schools we have student devices for educational applications. It's important that students know how to take care of these devices, so that we can continue to offer this technology. Below are links to our device use contracts. Please click on the link below that pertains to your child's grade level. You must sign one for each child attending Hornung.

Thank you!

JK-2nd Grade iPad Use Contract

3th/4th Grade Chromebook Use Contract

~Mrs. Richards, Hornung Media Specialist

Counselor Corner

Counselor Corner!

Hello from your Elementary Counselors! We are so excited to welcome you all back for another amazing year! Although many things this year look different, we will continue supporting your children with Social-Emotional Learning. Our role will consist of classroom lessons, small group activities, individual support, and more. We also have our BAS Elementary Counseling website for ideas and resources to continue the learning at home! Please feel free to contact your counselor with any questions or concerns that you may have, and Mrs. Fox or Mrs. McKiddy will do their best to support your child.

Mrs. McKiddy


Mrs. Fox


Last Year’s Yearbook

….Last year’s yearbooks have arrived. They are coming home with your child this week.

….BVA students – your yearbooks will be made available to you when you come for picture day in October.

Questions – please address to Ruth at

Thank you,

Ruth Schworm,

Yearbook Volunteer

Picture Day

Picture day is Monday, October 19th and Tuesday, October 20th!

A signup will be generated closer to picture day for BVA students to sign up for a specific time those afternoons and early evening.



Hornung Virtual Open House for Families

How Will School Look Different in the Fall?

We encourage all families to review and read with their kiddos the below information before our first day :) Please click on each link to review.

Masks Keep Us Safe

How Will School Look Different in the Fall of 2020?


ABC Schedule – Art, Music, and Physical Education Classes will be offered on a rotating basis. All students will attend one 45 minute class (art, music, pe) each day. Teachers will inform students/parents which fine arts class is assigned to an A, B or C day for their class. Please send gym shoes for physical education.

Attendance - Remember to call Hornung's attendance line at 810-299-4454 when your child is absent. As a safety precaution, there will be an automated call for any parent who hasn’t called into our attendance line to report an absence. It is important for students to arrive on time. However, if a student arrives late, the parent(s) must sign the student in using the QR code by Main Office Entrance and the student will take a pink slip to his/her teacher. This lets the teacher know the student has been signed in by parent.

Bus Information - The Transportation Department has mailed post cards with your student's bus information. If you have not received bus route/stop information, you should contact BAS Transportation Department at 810-299-3890. If your child is to be picked up at or dropped off at a location different than their normal pick up/drop off location, an alternate destination form must be completed. These forms are available by clicking here. Staff will escort bus riders to buses at the beginning of the school year.

Drop off Lane…

1) In the drop off lane in front of Hornung, parents should not be getting out of their vehicles to assist their children…The problem it causes is the safety of the driver actually getting out into traffic, along with causing a backup onto Bauer Road. Therefore, if your child needs some support getting out (i.e. undoing seat belts, putting on winter gear, lifting out backpacks, etc.) you should be parking in the lot and walking through the crosswalk onto at least the main sidewalk in front of the school.

2) Parents need to pull forward and not stop at the beginning of the lane… No matter what door your child enters in the morning, you should pull all the way up to the main crosswalk to have children exit your vehicle. The left lane is for through traffic.

Student Pick Up/End of the Day

  • Family Numbers "Pick Up Cards": All families are assigned a number. One (1) card for each student has been assigned along with two (2) for adults. If at any time a parent or anyone on the child’s emergency card is picking up a student, your number card must be presented to match with card student should have on them.
  • Student Number: A good idea is to attach to their backpack or place inside of backpack that’s easily accessible.
  • End of Day Pick Up Procedure: If you are picking up your child at the end of the school day, you will need to wait patiently outside your child's designated outdoor classroom door until a school staff member allows your child to exit. You will then be asked to present your Family Pick Up number to a staff member. For safe schools practice, they will verify that pick up card number with your child’s pick up card number.
  • Keep them (pick up cards) “Valid thru 4th Grade” for each student.
  • Picking Up Early: If you must pick up your child(ren) early please come to the Front Office Entrance and ring doorbell (button). Have your Family Pick Up card/number card ready to show office staff thru camera at door. Then please scan the Pick Up QR code with your cell phone and fill out form. Office will then call down your student from their classroom to be picked up. Always allow yourself extra time for this process for sometimes classes will be outside.

Hornung Communications - The Hornung staff believes that quality parent/teacher communication and parent involvement is vital for a child's success in school. Because a teacher's top priority is to prepare and deliver instruction, we ask you to pre-arrange conference times. This will guarantee that you have adequate time to discuss concerns and also allow the teacher an opportunity to plan for your meeting. Your child's teacher will provide you with times she is available for conferences and will work with you to schedule a mutual meeting time. Your child's classroom agenda/planner is an excellent means of communication. Also, the following site contains valuable information during the school year: Our weekly newsletter, the Stinging News is posted weekly. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call Mr. Yates at 810-299-4451. He is usually in his office by 8am and would welcome your call or email him at

Lunches - Hot lunches are $2.75 and milk is $.50 for students. Lunch room accounts are on a computer card system, which allows you to put money into your child's account for the week, month, or year. The computer keeps track of each child's lunch transactions and notifies you when the account is short of funds. Lunch money for your child should be brought to school in an envelope with his/her name, teacher's name and amount of money enclosed on the outside.

You can also go to BAS Student Nutrition, to access monthly menus, a nutrition guide, and access to your child's account. A printed receipt will be given to your child if his/her account is out of money or low on funds. At no time will a student go without a lunch. Arrangements will be made for the student to get something nutritional to eat. Checks may be made out to Brighton Area Schools or Hornung Elementary. Watch for information concerning online account access and payment options.

Lunch Menu – Lunch menus are available on line at – click on student nutrition – click on Menus. To best plan for how many hot lunches are needed daily, a lunch count is taken each morning in all classrooms. Each student can choose on a daily basis if they would like to purchase a hot lunch or bring their own from home. Milk is also available for those who choose to bring their own lunch.

Medications - If your child will be taking medication at school, either prescription or over the counter, a signed form must be on file in the office. This form must be signed by the student's parent/guardian and by your child's doctor. This includes cough drops, sunscreen and other self-prescribed medications. These forms are available online at You’ll find the Medication form there (click on it), print it and take it with you to your doctor’s appointment.

Medical Concerns – If a medical condition exists or develops that might limit your child’s ability to participate in any activities such as recess or PE, we would appreciate it if you would send a note to the office. A doctor’s note might be necessary to make accommodations. In the event of severe allergies, parents should provide a detailed list of the allergies and the type of accommodations that might need to occur to make the child safe.

Notes –Please keep us informed if:

· Your child is going home with another child we must have a note from you and the receiving parent.

· If anyone other than you will be picking your child up from school, we need a signed note from you with specific details. Please make certain this person is listed on your child’s emergency card.

Parent Mass E-mail Communications – the e-mail address that you provided us when you registered your child is used for our mass email communication to our parents. If you are not receiving messages from Hornung or the Superintendent, please contact us at (810) 299-4450 to correct the problem.

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) Buzz – If you have a child enrolled in Hornung Elementary you are automatically a member of the PTO. Hornung’s Stinging News will include PTO information each week. "Like" Hornung Elementary School PTO on Facebook.

School Safety - All outside doors are secured once students enter the building. You will need to ring the buzzer to communicate with the office staff at the main (flag pole) entrance.

Stinging News – Our weekly newsletter is available for all families. This newsletter has relevant school topics and necessary information. The Stinging News is uploaded to our web site on Fridays. We use our mass e-mail system to inform you when the Stinging News has been uploaded. You can always find past and current Stinging News issues on our web site.

Parent & Student Elementary Handbook – A copy of the Parent & Student Elementary Handbook can be found online by clicking HERE. Please review the rules, policies, and procedures with your child/ren. It is important that all students follow these rules to help create the best learning atmosphere for all.

Team Process – Each school building in the Brighton School District has a Team Process in place. If a child needs additional support, staff members will review student performance, concerns, and collaboratively develop interventions. If you have concerns about your child’s development and are interested in more information on special services, contact your child’s classroom teacher or Mr. Yates.

Vacations – Please attempt to coordinate your vacations with school breaks. Keep in mind that when a child is absent, especially for an extended amount of time, the time needed to review concepts for that one child is instructional time lost for all students. See the student handbook concerning make-up work.

Voicemail/Email – Teachers will provide both voicemail numbers and email addresses. To reach a teacher’s voicemail, call the office directly at 810-299-4450. The prompt will ask you for the 5 digit extension for the staff member. If you have a timely message to leave for a teacher, please contact the office because teachers may only check their voice messages at the end of the day.

Supply Lists by grade level are available online at: