High School English-Lit

February 4, 2016 Class 21

For Students:

Five Week Trio Groups :

These students conferenced with their parents and earned a point for their teams.
These are just a handful of the grammar crimes submitted this past week.

Trio Team Standings:

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******This Weeks Trio Group Bonus Points Offer*******

Trios may earn extra points this week by:

1. Having a Trio Member read, edit and give feedback on your essay that is due next week. This can be done digitally via pdf in an email, google docs, snapping pix to text, or any other way that you think of! To receive points, you must turn in the feedback supplied next week during class. (1 Point per each Peer Edit)

2. Completing Exercise 11 on pp 120-121 in the Windows book. (2 Points per completed exercise)

Standing Offers for Trio Team Points Include:

For Parents:

Essay Due

Papers are due this week! As I look back, I realize just how much your students have covered this year! They should already feel a big sense of accomplishment!

Book Add-In

I would love to add in having students read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. I will fill the students in next week, but it would be great if you could grab a copy in the next week or so. Kindle or ibook versions are fine!

SAT Test Prep

I plan to add in some optional SAT test prep this spring. Be on the look out in the newsletter.

Wendy Blankinship

High School English-Lit Class

Wednesday 2015-2016

12:30-2:30 pm

Optional Lunch Fellowship 12:00