The Poverty Awarness Group

Thank you for helping T.P.A.G

T.P.A.G day is on it`s way to help out poverty and make the best of their day.

  • First off we have to be able to make sure that the money is real so we won`t be ripped off and so that poverty won`t be ripped off so we except money only,for the fun raiser.
  • Second we need you to wash the cloth`s before donating them to the poverty awareness group to give to people in poverty we would like for you to donate toy`s your kid`s may not want anymore.
  • And last but not lest we would like for you all to pray for these people whom are in poverty because some of them really need it like teen mom`s and people whom are denied a job or house.

T.P.A.G We Are Making A Change In Tyler , Texas

Friday, Dec. 14th 2012 at 4:15-6:15pm

2926 Garden Valley Road

Tyler, TX

We Except: Donations to help our school too. We really hope you help us make a change in the population of poverty to make sure that when we`re done no human being is left in poverty. we would greatly appreciate it and we know they would too.

Snack`s &Refreshment`s

  • Drink`s will be served at the back of the cafeteria out of the cooler.
  • Snack`s will be served at the front of the cafeteria.
  • water fountain`s are located in E-Hall,H-Hall,G-Hall,&Band-Hall
  • We will have a web page set up soon and you`ll be notified.

We are

T.P.A.G we are the poverty awareness group we love looking out for people in poverty and being aware when their in need we take care of the poverty society.