Weekly News

January 11 - 15, 2016

SMART Start - Review Feedback From the DOE visit - K-8 - Band Room

Lisa Dercach met with groups of teachers in December, reviewed our Student Achievement Plan and observed a couple of classrooms. Her feedback highlights the improvement of using data to drive differentiated instruction planning and delivery as well as use of students' interests to plan learning opportunities for them. Mrs. Kaiser will share her comments and resources and we will talk about classroom data and moving students forward.

Student Led and Parent/Teacher Conferences - Thursday, January 14

Thursday night we will host Parent/Teacher Conferences for grades K-3 and Student Led Conferences for grades 4-8 from 3:15 pm - 7:00 pm. Arely Pizana will be here if you need her. We will have salad and pizza in the small gym at 5:15 pm - grab a bite and go or take a minute and enjoy. Elementary teachers - send a copy of your schedule to Beth please. We also need you to keep track of how many parents were here. We will have Title 1 information for each class K-5 - please set the materials out.

Grade Books - Skyward

We are in the process of running grades so please do not make any changes to your grade books until Tuesday. We had a few glitches Friday so the middle school grades are not run yet and we hope to solve those issues on Monday.

Upcoming Events

Monday, January 11

Midterms will go home with students

PTO Butter Braid Sale

Kaiser/Conrad/Gaby to meet with K & 1 7:35 am

No Swimming - WHS Pool is closed

WHS will have their P/T Conferences

7/8 BBB @ Lincoln

Tuesday, January 12

PTO Butter Braid Sale

Tie Tuesday

Middle School and Grade 4 Swimming

Cross Grade Level Collaboration - Training Room

  • (K & 1 7:35 am - 10:45 am) (Gr. 1 & 2 11:45 am - 3:00)

Team Leader Mtg 7:35 am - Conference Room

RtI 7:35 am in Terri's room

Honeywelll Center - Visual Thinking Strategies - Grades 3 & 4

7 GBB @ Whitko 4:30 pm

7/8 BBB vs. Lakeview (H) 5:00 pm

School Board Meeting 5:30 pm

Wednesday, January 13

PTO Butter Braid Sale


Middle School and Grade 4 Swimming

Chess Club 3:15 pm

Thursday, January 14

PTO Butter Braid Sale

Middle School and Grade 4 Swimming

Kaiser/Brower/Evans meet at 7:35 am

Safety Committee 7:35 am

Parent/Teacher and Student Led Conferences 3:15 - 7:00 pm

Friday, January 15

PTO Butter Braid Sale

School Improvement Team - Work meeting in your own areas 7:35 am

Middle School and Grade 4 Swimming

Title 1 Advisory Parent Meeting 9 am - Matti, Pizana, Berg - to join

  • Weisser to cover Berg

Cross Grade Level Collaboration K-5

We are funding subs through our Title 1 funds to provide cross grade level collaboration for grades K-5. We have found this time to be very beneficial in the past. If we have a 2 or 3 hour delay the morning session will be canceled, but the pm groups will meet. Mrs. Gaby and I have worked on an agenda and she will ask for your agenda items, too. Bring a device and/or something to write with and we will have coffee, candy, a few munchies and water.