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Charity McDaniel

Gerard Way was the lead singer of the famous alternative rock band, My Chemical Romance, until it’s split in 2013. Many people would argue that Gerard Way is not a world leader, but I think I have a strong case to bring to that argument. Gerard Way is a role model to numerous people including myself. His music has pulled people out of suicidal thoughts, stupors, and more scenarios (to many to list). The music that he and his band created saved large amounts of people. I'm sure that crowds of killjoys (MCR fans) would argue the same thing.


  • I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love ~ 2002 (Debut Album)
  • Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge ~ 2004
  • Welcome to the Black Parade ~ 2006
  • The Black Parade is Dead! ~ 2008
  • Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys ~ 2010
  • May Death Never Stop You ~ 2014

Important Dates

  • Born 4/9/1977
  • My Chemical Romance Started: 2001
  • My Chemical Romance Split: 2013
  • Married Lyn-Z Way: 2009
  • Bandit Lee Way Born: May 27, 2009 (Child)
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