Team Radiant Joy

December 2014 Newsletter

Celebrating the success of November

Wow!! Hard to believe that the end of the year is approaching! As we finish strong on the busiest selling season of the year I want to recognize the efforts of those working their business diligently! You are all such an important part of our team...I am thankful for you all!

Rene Hughes - Independent Senior Director

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Personal Stats

Parties Held: 6

Personal Recruits: 0

Personal Sales: $2624

Paycheck: $1718.78

It pays to help others build their dreams! Had I not chosen to be in leadership my paycheck would have been $656

Team Stats

Number of Team Parties held: 33

Team Recruits: 1

Team Sales: $15092

Entire Success Lineage:

Number of Consultants: 60

Number of Parties: 59

Number of Recruits: 2

Organization Sales: $25322

Team Resources:

Personal coaching calls can be held with me to increase your bookings, focus your business or hold you accountable to your goals. Please email me if you are interested.

We also have a team Facebook Page that everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in. Many of our trainings and business tips are announced there. Here is the link.


Dream Builders: Michelle Padden 1

You will realize your dreams even faster when you share the Thirty-One Opportunity

Top Party Girls! - Kay Jacobsen - 6, Cassie Hestikin, Chrissie Solt, Michelle Padden, Amanda DeSmith, Shannon Van Allen - All with 3 parties each!

The party is where it is at...keep your calendar filled and you will always be in business!

Newly Qualified Consultants:

Those selling their first $1000 - Karie Johannes

Top in Personal Volume:

Kay Jacobsen $2290

Shannon Van Allen $1452

Amanda DeSmith $1355

Angela Richards $1184

Michelle Padden $1065

Chrissie Solt $938

Shalina Osburn $897

Cassie Hestekin $893

Karie Johannes $607

And congrats to these ladies for working this month too! Laura Harnisch, Shannon Mounce, Jill Dangers, Angel Prochnow, Lynn Wilson, Nicole Albrecht, Wanda Hansen, Missy McCoy, Shannon Rivers.

Wooohooooo...way to go everyone! It's awesome to see so many working this month!

Earn your Spring Demo Products NOW at no cost!

There is still time to earn your Ready Set Sell product kits if you haven't already! You have until December 15th to get those orders in! :)

Look for Recognition Rewards for the Last Two months to be mailed together!

New Year - New Goals, Planning Survey coming soon!

To be better able to serve you I will be sending out a survey to each of you on the team in the next few days. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU FILL IT OUT AND RETURN IT One of the parts of being effective in helping you is to know what areas you are seeking help in. Please fill out the surveys so I can be better at giving you all the best knowledge possible to make your business the best it can be. And if you have a team mate...remind her to fill her survey out too!

Congratulations on a fantastic month! It is always fun to celebrate and reward your accomplishments! Connect with me if you have any questions or are ready to move your business forward!

All my best~