Horrid Volcano Erupts Over Hawaii

Mt.Register Go's off in a Fiery Boom.

How it Happened

Mount Register exploded when two of earth's plates moved and caused friction between each other. Mt.Register's explosion was very horrifying and gruesome.There was molten rock. Lava and magma was going everywhere. Gases,rocks, and hot ash went all over the island.

Into the Island

What Will They Do

This volcano caused many people to lose their life. Plants and animals were exterminated. Homes and businesses erased from the face off the earth. It destroyed the environment,but also over time it will form new land.

To the Village

Peoples reaction to the eruption was a very gruesome story to hear. One person said "This volcano was like no other. It took the lives of 100 people." Someone else said "It was surreal. It was one of the most horrifying explosions ever."