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Countdown to STAAR Edition 11 April 2016

3, 2, 1, and here we go!

With just a few lingering benchmarks students need to finish, the 8th Grade Team will be working hard to disaggregate our data to finalize our tutoring plans for STAAR. Tutoring beings on Wednesday, so if you haven't thought about signing up for tutoring until now, please check out the days and times we have available to fit anyone's schedule! Tutoring Link

So, with ReStart upon us, my schedule for PLC will be changing. Monday, 4/11/16, will be my last meeting with 6th and 7th grades as I will be in 8th grade classes tutoring every period, every day. So, 6th and 7th grade, if you have a test you need, I must know this week. Please send me your teacher made questions, formatted, with TEKS and answers, so I can vet the test and get it entered into AWARE and sent off to print. :)

This Week in Science


6th Grade Planner Round-Up

PLC 6, 7, 8

CLT Meeting - anything you wish Larry and I to take to the meeting?


7th Grade Planner Round-Up

PLC 6, 7, 8 - Admin support requested to assist with planning


8th Grade Planner Round-Up

Teaming 6, 7, 8

Faculty Check-In at 4:15PM in the Cafeteria


Faculty Check-In Make-Up at 7:15AM in the Mitchell

PLC 6, 7, 8 - Admin support requested to assist with planning


Teaming 6, 7, 8

Hammond Off-Campus beginning 11:00AM

Coming up! 8th Grade Horizontal, Monday, 4/18/16, 4:30PM at Davila MS

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