My 2014 - 2015 School Year

"The year I made new insights on life"

New School

After seven years of elementary school at Sage Canyon Elementary, I finally moved on to a new school. This new school was way too crowded, teaching twice the number of students at my previous school. This school was where I would meet new people, undergo new experiences, and possibly embrace new ideas. This school was called Carmel Valley Middle School.

New Friends

My transition to a big middle school was actually pretty smooth, except in one area: my circle of friends changed drastically. I lose contact with many people I used to be comfortable around with just because we weren't in any classes together. In elementary school, I felt like I was friends with everyone in my grade, which is about a hundred students. Now, I felt like the number of friends I have at school decreased to around twenty. On the bright side, I did meet and befriend people in my classes and mutual friends. I am actually very happy with the group of friends that I usually hang out with, because they are easy-going people who aren't too immature. The people in the pictures below are who I usually hang out with, although I'm not in those pictures.
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New Experiences

At school, I experienced life of a normal teenage girl. I went to a few school events, did last minute homework on the bus, and talked about random things with my friends. I will talk about just one specific experience that happened outside of school. Outside of school, I underwent life-changing events.

- - - - - - - - - - - - Some Background Info - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • I am a Christian.
  • I got this formatting idea from The Book Thief.

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In January, the youths of my church attended a Youth Rally at Chinese Bible Church of San Diego called One Voice. A Youth Rally is basically where youths from multiple churches gather up and hold a worship night. At a worship night, there are songs to sing, games to "break the ice," food, lessons that are taught, and testimonies that are given. The theme of this specific Youth Rally was "What's your story?" I heard testimonies from many people about how God changed their lives, and I learned many lessons. Overall, it was a great experience.
OneVoice 2015 Worship Night Promotion

New Ideas

I was introduced to new ideas both at school and outside of school. One idea I learned from both was to have simpler lifestyle to be satisfied. However, if one were to look at my life, simple would not be a word that they would describe my life with. I learned to not expect so much from myself, others, and basically everything in general. Instead, I would try to be happy with what I had, although this does not mean I could neglect trying to achieve more. I have gotten better at being content with my life, but I still need to continue working on it.

This was an idea that my brother originally taught me, because he knew I tended to set expectations. When the expectations that I set were not met, I became very upset. I never practiced this idea until this year, but it has already changed me positively. My stress levels decreased and I was able to be happier with life.
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New Insights

Everything that happened this year, from gaining and losing friends, experiencing new events, and practicing new ideas all affected my life in a positive manner. I became better at making new friends, grew spiritually, and learned to have a simpler lifestyle to be happier. I am maturing every year, and this year was one where I matured greatly. This was the year I made new insights on life.