Cueva del Fantasma

The Cave of Ghosts - Venezuela, South America


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Collstethus Breweri

A new species of frog that has never been discovered before!

Be the first to see the new poison frog that has only ever been seen in the great Cave of Ghosts!

New to the world

  • This cave was just discovered in 2002.
  • 2 helicopters can fly in at the same time.
  • This cave stands at height of 250 meters tall!
  • Located in one of the most biologically rich and geologically ancient parts of the world,
  • When you enter the cave you are greeted with a beautiful waterfall.

When you get to one of the most beautiful caves in the world why not take a tour?

Take a trip around to see the beautiful waterfall and new species of frog only recently discovered!
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