Utilizing Carpet Time

Where it all starts

Organization to get the day started

Mrs. Blatter starts her class out on the carpet to organized everyone in one place and get all the students started on their day. Having the children's focus in one area keeps behaviors in check and allows positive reinforcement from the teacher. The Behaviorism Learning Theory focuses on this idea; many teachers use this theory everyday.

Carpet time promotes time for music and movement

As Howard Gardner said, students must have access to music and movement (in addition to other means of learning). Carpet time allows students to gather in one area to enjoy educational songs and movement.

Listening Skills


Multiple Intelligences

According to Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, students learn in a variety of ways, and all students are capable of learning if information is presented to them in the right ways. Some of these avenues of learning include visual learning, movement, music, socialization, and linguistic to name a few.

Teacher Centered Learning

Carpet time is a great time to work on language and math lessons, as well. The students are gathered in one area and focused on the teacher. Teachers can give lessons, then dismiss the students to table/seats to work on their activity related to the lesson.