My Digital Dossier

By: Shamera

Starting before I was born

Digital Dossiers are files with detailed information about somebody's life in technology. Digital Dossiers start before you were even born.

My digital dossier starts with my sonogram image (inside my mother). Then after I am born many pictures were taken of me and with me in the hospital which I still view today. Those pictures were sent family and friends. After that there were other pictures took like on my birthday when I turned one year old. My family had celebrated it in another country and so pictures of me on my passport and the pictures that were took over there by a professional camera man would've been uploaded onto a computer. Also my family had posted our fun vacation on Facebook sharing it with their friends and family.

Adding more to my digital dossier as I grow up

As a toddler I continued to add the pictures my family took of me to my digital dossier. But as I got older I was involved with more activities outside of school. I danced in public events where not only did my parents post photo's but also the photographers, companies and the people who came their also had a choice of either recording me or snapping pictures. Many of these pictures ended up being uploaded in sites,Facebook and different people's accounts which makes the amount of comments,likes,dislikes and shares increase and all things that reflect on me are apart of the digital dossier.

Other things that was added to my digital dossier were.....

  • Signing up into Gmail,presentation accounts,D2L Peel etc....... - As I got older I was exposed to more websites and apps in technology for school purposes (to submit or create assignments)
  • School wide photo's and outside event photo's
  • Getting a ID card in school which includes a photo of me
  • Library card in the central library- My information is saved to the computer
  • Uploading my videos on YouTube- In the year 2015 I had posted many private videos and sent the link to my friends and this year I posted a public viewing video which the whole wide world can see and comment or like

Frozen Dance video uploaded on YouTube (last thing on my dossier so far-2016)

Big image

This is my digital dossier so far!