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What is your dream retirement? Do you want to travel around the world? Do you want to see everything that you’ve never seen? Or do you want to find a nice place to live and relax for the rest of your days? No matter what you’re considering for retirement, let me plant an earworm for you to think about.

Imagine this: Living in a quiet, private, gated community in Florida. Miles and miles of beach for you and your husband or wife to enjoy. A waterfront home that gives you an amazing view day after day, no matter what your mood is. The smell of salt water welcoming you to a new day, and the moon shining off of the ocean. It sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Living on the beach is an amazing experience for anyone who does it. Every day, you’re surrounded by the beauty that nature has to give us, and you get to enjoy life in a way that you’ve never enjoyed it before. You can eat somewhere different every weekend, make new friends who enjoy the beach as much as you do, and much, much more.

If the beach isn’t your dream retirement, open up your imagination again. Are you and your spouse golf enthusiasts? Do you enjoy hitting up the links every once in awhile? When you do, do you envy those who get to live on the course? The people who get to open their doors each morning and see acres upon acres of beautiful greens and trees? Are you sick of the city and want something more rustic?

Golf course homes are inexpensive and secure. If you’re looking for somewhere safe with people who are of a similar mind to you, golf course homes are a great option. If peace and quiet is the core of your ideal retirement, then living on a golf course may be your ticket to a perfect retirement.

What if you could get the best of both of those worlds? In Vero Beach, Florida, you can. Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club is a beautiful place to enjoy your retirement. Orchid Island is a private, gated residential community that has waterfront and golf course homes. Both types of homes offer a unique experience for their residents. Adventure awaits, so why not consider this perfect match for Florida retirement?

Orchid Island Realty is the only real estate company exclusively marketing and selling properties at the oceanfront community of Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club. For more information on Vero Beach Real Estate visit us.