Pedro Berruguete

By Ryan Fischer

Pedro Berruguete is born

Pedro Berruguete was born in 1450 in Paredes De Nava in Spain and died in 1504.

Where did Pedro spend most his life?

Berruguete spent his life all around he was mostly seen in Italy where he painted pictures of the Renaissance.

Pedro's life/lifestyle

Pedro spent a lot of his life in Italy where he was really influenced by the Italian Renaissance almost all of his work was based on the Renaissance.

Education, Training

''The details of Pedro Berruguete artistic training remain mostly unknown, it is thought that he must have trained with a Flemish artist in his local region'' (Spanish Arts,2013)

Type of art

Berruguete enjoyed great success of painting which was his type of art. One of his great paintings is a portrait of Pope Sixtus IV, and a portrait of Federigo da montefeltro.


The Duke of Urbino was Berruguete Patron after he died Pedro returned to Spain and settled in Castille.

The Last Supper by Pedro Berruguete

This was a picture of the last supper this piece was created in 1495 and finished in 1500. I find that this piece is creative because it shows jesus and his appostles at the last supper and it gives u an idea of what it must have been like at the last supper. This picture's technique is that it is very specific in what it's trying to show you '' Jesus at the last supper praying for the last time with the appostles''

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