Haunted Ghost House

This house is $1,825,000


Loacated on NE goblin street in ghost town


This house is 200 years old it was getting built but then it caved in on Edward P and no one ever saw him again. Now no one goes in it because it's haunted!


4 freaky bedrooms

2 stinky kitchens

3 gross bathrooms

2 ugly living rooms

1 freaky ghost

1 owl that watches you over

1 weird scary pumpkin


The outside has 3 dead trees in the front with bats living on them that screech all night! There is one graveyard and dead grass. There is a big pile of brush in the front yard for the bats to play in! The paint on the house has never been repainted since they built it! There are two old chimmnys. And finally no naboors.