Where amazing things happen By:Hunter and Troy

About Saturn

Saturn is 1.43 billion kilometers from the sun, and 1.2 billion kilometers from Earth. The gases in the atmosphere are 75% hydrogen and 25% helium. Some characteristics is Saturn has 9 rings surrounding the planet. Saturn is the lowest density of all the planets, and it is even less dense than water. Saturn is the 2nd fastest spinning planet in the solar system.

More about Saturn

Saturns average temperature is -285 degrees F, and their are extremely high winds, measuring up to more than 1,000 mph. Saturn's weather forecast is usually hazy, windy, and a chance of storms. Saturn's physical features is Saturn is a gas planet, it is an outer planet, and it is the second largest planet in the solar system. Saturn also has 9 rings.

Saturn has 60 moons

I would weigh more on Saturn because Saturn is less dense than water, it has a much larger mass than Earth. Therefor, you weigh more on Saturn due to gravity.

Saturn's year and day

How long a year is on Saturn? A year on Saturn is 29 Earth years

How long a day is on Saturn? A day on Saturn is .43 Earth days

Why you should come here

You will be amazed by the wonderful sights and fun activties you will be amazed by the low gravity as you float around staurn and skate on the rings of it and eat on the cafes meet the native people that live there eat there trditional foods and stuff like that say at your perfect hotel you would be staying at and

Before you come

before you come you may wont to know some infermation about the rocketship etc you rocket ship will be going at 29877mph and you will be at saturn in 11 years that means you have a 11 year vaction on this rocket with the amzing sight the view on the space and planets stars all around you you will have indoor swimming and enjoy basketball and gym to keep you in shape

saturn attractions

at saturn you will find fond of the winds of saturn this gives you meny opportunities about sport you can parashooting do like hang gliding wind gliding and bungy jumping