Nibelgunlied : A folk epic

By: Chandler Roffey, Brielle Oakley, and Alexis Davis

Characteristics of our Epic

1. Serious tone: in this epic describes how Siegfried is just a wonderful hero and how it is very important that he would become king

2. In medias res (in the middle) already in the beginning of the poem it starts off with each character and what they stand for (their morals)

3. epithets and Homeric epithets: epithet I saw describes Brunhild the epithet describes her as “powerful- warrior queen”

Epics Culture

  • As we all know now, The Nibelungenlied is a Middle High German epic.
  • Middle High German is a term referred to as a time period in history of German literature from 1050 to 1350.

Elements of our epic

Hero: The hero of this epic is a brave prince named Siegfried. He was a warrior and a hero. He was very strong, out-going and determined to conquer anything. He only has one problem, which is his weak spot right in between the shoulder blades.

Hero's Quest- This hero’s quest is to marry the beautiful princess named Kriemhild and become a great king.

Epic Conflict- 1. he leads the Burgundian forces into battle.

2.he battles against a fierce dragon and wins.

3.his weak spot which leads to his death in the end.

Divine Intervention- Siegfried kills the dragon and bathes in its blood. Then the dragons blood made Siegfried’s body invincible

Interesting Facts

  • The Nibelungenlied is a Middle High German epic poem meaning “Song of the Nibeluungs”.

  • It is the most well-known German epic today.

Ring of the Nibelungs