Culture & Comprehension

Practical Strategies for Tier 1 Intervention

Best Practice Showcase Presentation

Monday, Dec. 10th, 2:45pm

314 Main Street

Gilbert, SC

The "CAN DO" Philosophy

The more we know about learners’ cultural backgrounds, home environments, formative experiences and the positive contributions these experiences afford our school communities, the more effective standards-based instruction will be… (WIDA, 2014)

A Shift in Paradigm...

Big picture

The key to all support for students is to personalize, differentiate and teach them skills using discussion based techniques.

General Education (Tier 1) Classroom Support with Resources Provided

Accommodation/ Support & Online Resources

Translation for newcomers

● Google Docs: tools -> translate document

● “Translate” Add-on

Google Extension: Translate Selected Text

Provide shortened/ simplified texts

Permit the use of bilingual or picture dictionaries

Read aloud texts

● Google extension: “Speakit!”

● Google Add-on: “Reader”

● Notability App

Provide visual aids: pictures, videos, clipart, gestures, etc.

● Check with your REMC

Use outlines & graphic organizers

Make differentiated vocabulary lists/ activities with pictures - explicitly teach & provide practice

Use leveled readers with native language & audio support (free international digital libraries)

Peer interaction: allow clarification in native language if needed/possible, increase verbal interaction

● Team Kahoot

Flipgrid: Video response

Reduce teacher rate of speech & simplify word choice

Provide sentence starters or sentence frames

Ex: The ideal ________ is ________ since _____.

● Google Folder of printable sentence frames:

Allow extended time and/or reduced assignments

Create accommodated assessments to demonstrate content mastery: drawings, use of native language (translation), fill-in-the-blank version of assessment with vocabulary listed, matching pictures/ vocab, fill in a graphic organizer, etc.

● Voice typing/ Google Add-on: Speech Recognition SoundWriter (voice recording) (write a book in 2 languages)

Alternate grading options (Credit/ No Credit, Standards Based Grading)

Annotate text/ Interact with text

● Google Add-on: (Voice comments)