The most awesome Italian artist!

I am Michelangelo,the best italian artist. Now you know I made lots of sculptures and did lots of paintings, I painted the Sistine Chapel, built a sculpture of David made of a block of marble, made a sculpture of Virgin Mary holding Jesus (the pieta) made of carrara marble, and many of those are still popular today. But some parts of my life story some may not know. I was born on March 6,1475 in a small village called Caprese. When I was 13 I became an apprentice to an artist. For two years I lived in the Medici palace, where I was a student of the sculptor Bertoldo di Giovanni and studied the Medici art collection, which included Roman statuary. Unfortunatly in 1564, at the age of 88, I croaked. You know I made lots of paintings and sculptures, but you might not know I did some poetry. Some pieces of my poetry are preserved. In my lifetime, I was celebrated as Europe's greatest living artist, and even today I am held up as one of the greatest artist of all time.